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Past Content
This page contains information about past content that is no longer available.


The party excitedly ventures to the Tokyo Game Show venue to meet Sorey, protagonist of Tales of Zestiria, the new mothership title in the Tales series. On their way, they meet Cress also eager to meet Sorey. After navigating through the crowd, the party meets Ludger working as security for the venue only to find out that Sorey is missing! Work together with the others to find Sorey and save him from his captor!


# Stage Stamina Battles
To the TGS 2014!
1 To the Meeting Hall! 3 5
2 Whilst Sightseeing 3 5
3 Before the Stage 3 5
Search Party Assemble!
4 Search the West Side 3 5
5 Escape the Throng 3 5
6 They're Not Here? 3 5
The Underground Evil
7 Beneath the Hall 3 5
8 The Darkened Passage 3 5
9 The Inner Storeroom 3 5
The Man Named Avei
10 Frightening Fellow 3 5
11 Kick, Punch, Nothing 3 5
12 The Coup de Grace?! 3 5
Come at Me, Bro!
13 Tearful Battle 3 5
14 I Want to be Gone 3 5
15 Goodbye Forever! 3 7

Final Rewards

Hero Stone 5x Hero Stones (One each at Stages 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15)

Sorcerer's Garb Sorcerer's Garb
Sorcerer's Garb Sorcerer's Garb
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Armor ATK 0 (0)
Rarity SR HP 218 (218)
Max Lv. (LB) 50 (5) RCV 305 (305)

Sorcerer's Garb +
Sorcerer's Garb Sorcerer's Garb +
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Armor ATK 0 (0)
Rarity SR + HP 249 (249)
Max Lv. (LB) 60 (5) RCV 352 (352)

Sorcerer's Garb ++
Sorcerer's Garb Sorcerer's Garb ++
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Armor ATK 0 (0)
Rarity SR ++ HP 283 (283)
Max Lv. (LB) 70 (5) RCV 412 (412)
Forged Spear Forged Spear
Forged Spear Forged Spear
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Thrust ATK 350 (350)
Rarity SR HP 0 (0)
Max Lv. (LB) 50 (0) RCV 68 (68)
Passive Focus Plus
May boost own ATK by 10%

Forged Spear +
Forged Spear Forged Spear +
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Thrust ATK 385 (385)
Rarity SR + HP 0 (0)
Max Lv. (LB) 60 (0) RCV 78 (78)
Passive Focus Plus 1
May boost own ATK by 15%

Forged Spear ++
Forged Spear Forged Spear ++
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Thrust ATK 431 (431)
Rarity SR ++ HP 0 (0)
Max Lv. (LB) 50 (0) RCV 91 (91)
Passive Focus Plus 2
May boost own ATK by 25%
Ancient Sword Ancient Sword
Ancient Sword Ancient Sword
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Slash ATK 375 (375)
Rarity SR HP 74 (74)
Max Lv. (LB) 50 (0) RCV 0 (0)
Passive Spoils
After slaying foe, heals 10% of own RCV

Ancient Sword +
Ancient Sword Ancient Sword +
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Slash ATK 412 (412)
Rarity SR + HP 86 (86)
Max Lv. (LB) 60 (0) RCV 0 (0)
Passive Spoils 1
After slaying foe, heals 25% of own RCV

Ancient Sword ++
Ancient Sword Ancient Sword ++
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Slash ATK 462 (462)
Rarity SR ++ HP 100 (100)
Max Lv. (LB) 70 (0) RCV 0 (0)
Passive Spoils 2
After slaying foe, heals 50% of own RCV




── 9/21 10:00 ── Shrine, TGS anteroom
 ??? Bwa ha ha ha! Is that really all it takes to bring you down? Two sleep herbs? How pathetically second-tier!
Ha ha ha ha! I, on the other hand, remain truly world-class.
More than worthy to make this world my own!
──11:00 am, at Irahukam Temple──
Sara Whoa, look at all these people!
Lippy This crowd must have come to hear the new Zestiria information that is scheduled to be announced today.
Sara I was wondering what (user) was so excited about when he said he had a special destination in mind!
Lippy The Great Savior isn't one to emote much, but I could sense how much this meant to him.
Sara Then I'm so glad we came! Come on, let's find the main stage!
I gotta admit, I'm pretty excited about this myself! I can't wait to see what this Sorey fellow is all about.
Lippy I've seen illustrations of him in periodicals, but I've not had the pleasure of meeting him in person.
Sara Yeah, this should be a lot of fun!
Cress Oh, hey! I didn't know you guys would be here.
Sara Cress!
Cress How've you been, Sara?
Sara Good! It's great to see you. I didn't know you came to these sorts of things.
Cress Well, today's the day Sorey and his companions are making their debut.
As they'll be companions of ours soon, I'm quite eager to meet them. I rode a Techbird here so I wouldn't be late!
Sara Yeah, we're all pretty hyped. You want to sit with us?
Cress Sure.
Sara All right, we were just about to head towards the stage. Uh... Hey, where'd (user) go?
Lippy Dear me! It looks like he's gone ahead of us! I can only barely make him out.
Cress Wow, he must be really into this!
Sara Hey, (user)! Wait up!


──11:35, at the main stage──
Sara This must be the main stage. Gosh, it's packed!
Lippy I hadn't anticipated such a crowd. Hmmm...?
Cress We've got some time before the presentation begins.
Sara You want to look around a little bit?
Huh? What is it, Lippy?
Lippy I'm hearing a familiar voice amidst all the commotion...
Can't find... anywhere... Starting soon... What should we...
Lippy It's hard to make out, but this seems to suggest that there's been some sort of incident.
 ??? Understood. I'll head to the west hall.
Sara Is that the voice you mean?
Ludger How odd... Where could he have gone?
Cress Ludger!


──11:40, at the main stage──
Ludger (user)! And Cress! And Sara, and Lippy too? You've all come to the show?
Sara You bet! You came to see it too?
Ludger Actually, I was hired to do event security through the guild.
I just got lucky that I was put in charge of the stage area.
Cress Security, huh? Has there been anything unusual going on, besides the usual hustle and bustle?
Ludger Actually... we haven't been able to get in touch with Sorey, who was supposed to make his debut today.
Sara What? You can't even reach him now? That's... That's a disaster, right?
Ludger It is. It's my job to find him, but I haven't seen a trace of him anywhere!
Sara Could he be in some sort of trouble?
Ludger It's a possibility. All I know is that if we can't find him, we're gonna have to cancel the event.
With this many people, we might have a whole other incident on our hands!
I mean, I couldn't bear to disappoint all these people. Some of them have come from far away, and everyone seems so excited to be here...
Cress But if we can find him in time, the event can begin as scheduled, right?
I mean, he might just have gotten lost nearby. It's a big venue!
Sara We better start looking for clues!
Ludger You're all going to help me out?
Cress Of course!
Ludger Thanks! That makes me feel a whole lot more confident about this.
Lippy But where to start?
Ludger There are a lot of different security teams working here.
We should start in the west hall, which is my team's responsibility.
Sara Sounds good to me. Let's get started!
──Time remaining until the show── begins: 2 hours and 20 minutes


──12:00, in the west hall──
Ludger Well, no sign of him in the west hall.
Rather than searching the whole temple, maybe we can use what we know about Sorey to deduce where he's gone?
Sara Well, I understand he loves ruins, and the mysteries of antiquity. I hear he's always wanted to travel the world, exploring ancient sites.
Lippy I've heard he was raised in the so-called "Home of the Seraphim," with little knowledge of the outside world.
Sara So it's possible that some stranger told him, like, "hey, there are some ruins down here," and he bought it.
Ludger And being overly trusting, he followed the stranger into a trap, where he used sleep herbs to incapacitate and abduct him? Is that what you're getting at?
Cress I don't know. I find it hard to believe that he's that gullible.
Sara Yeah... You're probably right. We need to find some clues...
Customer Huh? Did you feel that, just now? Was that an earthquake?
Ludger That was no earthquake. That was an explosion!
Cress From the reverberations, it felt like it was coming from under this temple!
Lippy Let's investigate!
──12:10, in the Irahukam── Temple Underground Warehouse
Cress What the heck...!
Anise Soaring Blast!
Well, that should take care of the guard-looking chumps.
Colonel! If you're going to use fonic artes, please warn me first. You almost singed Tokunaga's fur!
Jade Why, I was so confident in your ability to evade them, that I figured it would be an insult to even mention it.
Sara Jade? Anise?!
Anise Huh? Sara? (user)! What are you doing here?!
──Meanwhile, deeper within the underground storage area──
 ??? Bwa ha ha ha! So you've awakened!
No need to speak. The look on your face says it all! "What am I doing here?"
You're here because I wanted to see if you were truly a world-class hero. But the fact that I've captured you so easily has answered that already!
All I needed was to mention some unexplored ruins, and you followed me like an eager puppy. The sleep herbs did the rest!
You're sloppy, boy! Sloppy and gullible! No world-class hero would fall into such an obvious trap!
The amount of sleep herbs it took to bring you down was particularly pathetic.
You were out after just two herbs!
I, who truly am world-class, require 47 herbs to lose consciousness. Observe.
Number one! *chomp*
Number two! *chomp* Still alert as ever, mind you!
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!
Ha ha ha ha! *yawn* Ha ha ha! Do you see? Do you see what it means to be world-class?
*yawn* What's that? I can barely make out the second-tier nonsense spilling from your lips.
Now, watch with awe as I consume the remaining 37 herbs!
──Time remaining until the show begins: 1 hour and 50 minutes──


──12:15, in the Temple's Underground Warehouse──
Jade Now, I believe you were about to explain what your business is here?
Ludger After you, Jade! I thought the military had been assigned to guard the north entrance?
Cress It appears you were fighting someone... Could this have something to do with Sorey's disappearance?
Anise So I guess word about that has made its way to the stage security team?
Jade So it appears! Then there is no need for secrecy. You're conjecture is correct, Cress.
The truth is, our intelligence network had reliable intel that a known threat would be making his move here today.
Ludger A known threat...?
Anise A first-class wanted criminal by the name of Avei. He leads an organization that's been causing trouble throughout the continent.
Jade He's... a criminal, basically, with a modus operandi that involves, well... crimes along the lines of abductions and assaults against famous people.
Ludger "Basically"? "Along the lines of"? Why are you being so vague, Jade?
Jade I apologize for not being more clear. Interviews with past victims have left us with more questions than answers.
We suspected he would come here, targeting a highly visible presenter, and assigned a heavy guard presence, but... he still found his way in.
When we heard that Sorey had gone missing, we knew it was his doing, and sent our team to investigate.
We found witnesses who had seen a man with a large sack head beneath the temple. We're pursuing that lead now.
Anise The witnesses said the man looked so "dangerous" that they didn't even want to remember it.
Jade That's why Anise and I came to assess the situation personally.
We didn't want to risk our soldiers getting hurt and slowing us down.
Cress Then we're all here for the same thing. If he's as dangerous as all that, you're gonna want our help, Jade.
Jade You're not wrong. I'd feel much more confident in victory with you all watching our backs. Welcome aboard.
Ludger All right, but... You're not in the military, Anise, so what are you doing here?
Anise Like the colonel said, if this is really Avei we're dealing with, his normal soldiers weren't gonna cut it.
As soon as he offered to let me keep the million gald reward on Avei's head, I was happy to volunteer.
Ludger A million gald reward...!
Cress What's up Ludger? You're practically drooling.
Ludger Huh? N-Nothing!
I... certainly wasn't fantasizing about paying off my entire debt with that million-gald reward.
No, I was focusing on how best to save Sorey! Let's go, team!
──Time remaining until the show begins: 1 hour and 45 minutes──


──12:45, in the Temple's Underground Warehouse──
Sara There's a door here!
Jade From the positions of the guards, I would expect to find Sorey within.
Cress And his captor as well!
Anise Then let's burst in there and take him out! On my count──
Ludger Anise, wait! Securing Sorey has to be our priority!
 ??? Have you beaten all my men already? Huh. Nicely done.
Lippy Huh?!
 ??? I couldn't help but hear the commotion. Now, what do you want with me?
Jade Master Avei, I presume?
Avei You know my name. Then I can only imagine you've been hunting me. You've found your mark!
Cress Was it you who took Sorey?
Avei Ha ha ha. Was that the boy's name? He's right inside, lamenting his second-tier frailty.
He's just witnessed my ability to endure the effects of 53 sleep herbs. A new record!
Ludger What do you want with him?
Avei I had heard he was a first-class hero, so I sought to put him to the test. That is all.
Anise What are you talking about?
Avei Have I not made myself clear? To be born a man is to inherit a duty to strive for perfection!
I seek out those who are said to be exceptional, in order to prove my own superiority.
And with each, the legend of my unsurpassed exceptionality spreads! Such is the life I lead!
Lippy A classical perfectionist! In this day and age...
Avei Our sleep herb competition is over. The next torment I will inflict upon him is a culinary battle to see who can make the best Croquette Parfait.
If you would seek to spare him the inevitable humiliation of defeat, you will need to fight through me!
Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Sara Man, this guy...
Lippy Don't underestimate him! Every inch of his body radiates danger...!
──Time remaining until the show begins: 1 hour and 15 minutes──


──12:50, deep in the Temple's Underground Warehouse──
Avei What's wrong? Has the aura of power that emanates from me left you trembling in fear?
Cress I don't get it! He doesn't really seem that powerful...
Ludger And his henchmen were a joke. How the heck did this guy manage to get through the military's defenses?
Avei Ha! "Military defenses?" I saw nothing of the sort.
My informant told me that security would be lax at the north entrance in the morning.
And he could not have been more right. There was nobody there at all!
I simply waltzed right through it. You should expect a first-class warrior to have access to first-class intel!
Ludger Security was that light? And this informant knew the whole schedule...?
Anise Let me guess, Colonel...
You set up Sorey as bait so you could catch this guy, didn't you?
Sara Wait... You're saying Jade fed the informant this information?
Jade Why, I am shocked at this baseless speculation! It's all nonsense, of course. Sheer coincidence!
It sounds like an issue of inadequate training. I'll see to it the soldiers are drilled on proper procedure.
Ludger A likely story.
Avei If you're done chattering amongst yourselves, I await your assault!
You won't be able to save that boy unless you come through me!
Cress All right. I'll take you on.
We haven't much time before Sorey is supposed to be on stage. So I'm gonna have to do this in one shot.
Avei Use whatever arte you like. It won't matter. That's what it means to be first-class.
Cress Haaaaaahhh!
Chaos Blade!
[The sound of slashing steel]
Sara Wow, nice hit, Cress! You got him with the full force of it!
Avei Heh heh heh. Was that it?
Cress What?!
Avei You won't get anywhere using artes like that against me.
Ludger It looked like he took a ton of damage from that, but...
Avei Any first-class warrior should be able to brush off that little arcane arte of yours after the briefest glimpse of it.
And a first-class warrior as first-class as myself should be able to assimilate and execute it in an even better form!
Cress Wha-What?!
Avei Observe that wine barrel over there. Let's see the first-class version!
Bucolic Blade!
[Sound of reeds rustling in the wind]
Wine barrel Baaahhh!
Avei How about that? First-class enough for you?
Ludger Wait a minute. That was just... strange.
Avei What?
Lippy That arte had an oddly pastoral feel to it.
Avei Yes, hence the name Bucolic Blade. I have enhanced its power by incorporating the majesty of nature.
It now evokes an image of vast natural beauty.
Sara It sure sounded weird.
Avei I have enhanced it with wind artes to capture the calming beauty of a vast expanse of grassland. That's reflected in its aural expression.
Lippy Your wine barrel bleated like a sheep...
Avei Such is the degree to which I've enhanced it.
Lippy This defies logic at every turn!
Sara What are we gonna do, (user)? This guy is really scary! In more ways that one!
Jade At last I understand what his past victims were struggling to articulate when they spoke of his strangeness.
Avei Now you understand! This is what it means for an arte to truly be arcane! Come at me with more!
Cress He... He assimilated my arte and turned it into that...? I can't even... comprehend...
Anise Are you in shock or something, Cress? Don't try to process his weirdness! Just accept it and move on!
Avei Bwa ha ha ha ha! And now you see the depths of my ability!
What hope have you of victory now?
Ludger Come at me and find out!


──1:40, deep in the Temple's Underground Warehouse──
Avei Bwa ha ha ha! When will you realize that you cannot defeat me with such middling attacks?
Sara I don't get it. You look so beat up! How are you still standing?
Avei I have possessed superhuman healing powers since birth. My body functions differently from yours.
Cress Superhuman healing powers...?!
Avei Average fighters like yourselves chew on Apple Gels.
But a first-class warrior like myself can drink them down! I can heal my body at a rate of 10 gels per second!
Lippy His stomach is the difference!
Jade This man has the tenacity of a cockroach. We're gaining nothing by conversing with him.
I abhor having to deal with his type. It dredges up too many memories of a certain someone I'd rather forget.
Ludger Jade, it looks like it's gonna take more time to subdue him. Shouldn't we focus on getting Sorey out of here?
Jade That's hardly a priority of mine, but fair enough. It appears we'll just have to slip around him.
Anise, (user) and I will engage him. Cress and Ludger──use the opening we give you to rescue Sorey.
Cress You got it!
Jade En garde! Thunder Blade!
Anise On it! Shadow Tempest!
Sara, Lippy Brightflash Flurry! Tilt Ray!
Avei Bwa ha ha ha ha! Impressive artes, but not impressive enough to beat me!
Jade This man's powers of endurance are utterly unbelievable. His powers of observation, on the other hand...
Avei What?!
Cress Thanks guys, that's enough! We got Sorey!
Avei That... That was a smokescreen to conceal your rescue attempt...?!
Ludger All right, let's get Sorey back to the temple stage!
Avei They're ignoring me... It's like they only care about helping their friend escape...!
Anise Now we can take our time and do this right. That million's gonna be mine!
Avei You will pay...
No one escapes me...
You're the same as them...
"You look weird and act strangely" "Your style is odd and unsettling" You're the same as the others who ran from me for inexplicable reasons...
Jade Yes, quite like just about everyone else on the planet. It's about time you realized that you're alone in──
Avei But what I hate most is being ignored!!!
Lippy We seem to have touched a first-class nerve...
Avei You must be punished! Acolytes! Do not allow a man among them to live!
Elites Yessir!!!
Sara What the...?! It's Avei times a million!
Avei In their zeal to emulate me, each has purchased clothing identical to my own. These are my true disciples, more skilled by far than the guards.
Lippy It's like some bizarre cult!
#Avei's Elite No.65 To ignore our first-class master── this insult can never be forgiven!
#Avei's Elite No.1027 You will not leave this room alive!
Cress We can't handle them all while we've got our hands full with Sorey!
Jade Well that won't do. We'll need to fall back to reinforce Ludger's group, Anise.
Anise Damn it! Fine!
Avei Bwa ha ha ha! But are your second-tier talents enough to endure my deadly artes as you fend off my acolytes?
[Pew-whee! Pew-whee! Pew-whee!]
Ludger Is he firing artes at us? Why does it sound like that?! I'm seriously losing it here!
Jade Stay focused, Ludger. He may have tinkered with their presentation, but his artes are clearly potent. Do not allow yourself to get hit!
Lippy Is there no end to this absurdity...?!
Sara We're not gonna make it in time... Huh? What's that, (user)?
Sara, Lippy Okay, I got it. You okay with that, Lippy?
Cress (user)?! What── What are you doing?! You can't stop! They're nearly upon you!
Sara You go on ahead!
Cress Sara?! Lippy, you too?! Don't tell me you're planning to...
Avei Ah. At least some of your second-tier band has the courage to stand and fight me. Interesting.
Anise What what WHAT?! (user)! Are you trying to steal my bounty?! No way, pal!
Ludger Anise! We need you to help fight off our pursuers! Otherwise we're not gonna make it to the stage in time!
Jade He's right, Anise.
Anise What?! What do you care about their little show, Colonel?
Jade I care as little about that as I do the bounty. All that matters to me is that someone manages to capture Avei.
Anise Damn it! All right (user)── we'll split the bounty fifty-fifty!
Avei I'll let my acolytes chase down the cowards...
While I focus my full attention on accepting your challenge!
──Time remaining until the show begins: 20 minutes──


Avei It's so quiet. As if time has ceased to flow...
The calm before the storm, perhaps.
Your eyes tell me everything I need to know. It's a look I know well.
You don't need to speak, for I already understand. Those are the eyes of a warrior who yearns to be first-class.
That is why you've challenged me. Oh, it is all too clear.
Lippy Is this man utterly incapable of perceiving the world outside of his own mind...?
Avei But this will be no mere fight. No, it will be a proper duel.
And before we duel, there is a matter that must be settled.
It is the custom of my people to stake one's most prized possession when one duels.
What is it you value most?
Ah. That glance of yours is all the answer I need. It's them.
Sara (user)...!
Avei Then it's settled. Should I defeat you, they will be mine.
Lippy I see no need to agree to such terms, but... it may provide motivation in a battle we dare not lose.
Avei Then I must offer my own stakes.
My most prized possession of all...
My lips.
Sara,Lippy Wait... What?
Avei So dear are they to me that I conceal them beneath this mask.
But they are spectacular, I promise you that. And should you triumph, they will be yours.
Then you will fight for your friends. And I, for my lips.
Will your friends be mine? Or will my lips be yours?
Worthy stakes for a first-class battle!
Lippy now I can't say that I'd be happy with either outcome.
Sara Seriously! I am so sick of this freak!
Avei Brace yourselves, for I am upon you!
Sara Ewwwwww!!!


Avei Your strength is... considerable. I had no idea...
It's settled, then... I deem you worthy to become my rival!
Why do you shake your head so? There is no need for modesty.
Let us call today's battle a draw.
I would prefer to fight you at my full strength, not after having been weakened by others. Let us resume this later.
Sara Or, we could not ever do this again.
Avei We will fight, and at full strength! I will protect these lips for you until then. You have my word on that.
I'll not insult you with some trite parting words, like "farewell" or "we'll meet again." I"ll simply say...
Bye-bye! Enjoy the rest of your day!
Lippy And... he's gone.
Sara Wow, he really seems to have taken a liking to you, (user)...
Yeah, I'm with you on that. Let's hope we never see him again!
Lippy I shall devote myself to creating wards and charms to keep him away... Every waking hour till it's done!
──As the curtain falls on their battle, it rises on the Irahukam Temple stage.──
Ludger Thank heavens we were able to get here in time for the presentation!
Cress Yeah, it looks like it went over great. Thanks, everyone, for all your help.
Sara We never could have done it without you, Cress!
Jade I'm pleased we were able to avert an incident, but it galls me Avei escaped. And after all the work I put into setting this trap...
Sara Trap...? So you were using Sorey as bait!
Anise Colonel... Is nothing sacred to you?
Jade As if you cared about anything other than your million-gald bounty, Anise!
Ludger A million gald... How free I'd be...
Cress What's wrong, Ludger? You're looking a little pale.
Ludger Nothing! Nothing at all!
I'm just... relieved Sorey's safe. Oh! That reminds me! He gave me something to give to you.
Sara To give to us?!
Lippy Dear me! This seems to be an item of considerable power!
Cress He said it was a gift for you, for preserving all the smiling faces in the crowd today.
Sara Well, we'll put it to good use!
Jade Then we shall be on our way, but... If you ever encounter this Avei again, I'd be most grateful if you would capture him and bring him to me.
For better or for worse, I can sense that your destinies are now linked with his. So... it's a matter of time.
All [Dread spreads across their faces.]