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Past Content
This page contains information about past content that is no longer available.


The party accepts a job from the guild with a request from a young chef named Ellis. She gives them a brief introduction and a request to hunt Golden Geezers, an important ingredient she apparently doesn't have the time to grab herself. The party, having never heard of these peculiar birds before, venture off to complete a suddenly odd contract..

Story Stages

# Stage Stamina Battles
Short-Order Search
1 The Golden Old Man 5 5
2 Path to the Lake 5 5
3 Fish or Reptile? 6 5
4 The Mirage 6 5
5 Aim for the Big One! 7 5
Pros & Cons
6 To the Southern Forest 8 5
7 Into the Underbrush 8 5
8 Voices in the Forest 9 5
9 The Woodlands Hunter 9 5
10 Only the Finest 10 5
Ironed Chef
11 Monster Cooking 11 5
12 Hypermagical Cooking 11 5
13 Food Chain Reversed 12 5
14 Cooking Catastrophe 12 5
15 Kitchen Clash! 15 5
  • Reward: Hero Stone 3x Hero Stones (one after each part)

Material Hunt Stages

Essence Hunt

# Stage Stamina Battles Drop Rate
1 Into the Cavern 15 5 15%
2 Expanse of Blue 15 5 20%
3 The Eternal Realm 15 5 30%
4 In the Deep Dark 15 5 40%
5 Monster Within 15 5 60%

Upgrade Hunt

Level Stage Stamina Battles Drop Rate
[N→HN] Find Verdant Steel! 5 3 70%
[HN→R] Find Luster of War! 7 3 55%
[R→SR] Find Tears of Strife! 10 3 40%
[SR→SR+] The Radiant Cloth 15 5 30%
[SR+→SR++] Radiant Cloth + 20 5 15%

Evolution Path

  • A Special Mission is available for a chance to gather forge items.
Base Gear + Evolution Material
Break Essence
Break Essence
Break Essence Break Essence
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Bash ATK 80 (80)
Rarity N HP 0 (0)
Max Lv. (LB) 5 (0) RCV 16 (16)
(Lv. 5)
+ Verdant Steel
Verdant Steel
Verdant Steel Verdant Steel
N Icon
Type Evolution Material
Usage Evolves Break Essence into Break Aura.
Break Aura
Break Aura
Break Aura Break Aura
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Bash ATK 145 (145)
Rarity HN HP 0 (0)
Max Lv. (LB) 10 (0) RCV 28 (28)
(Lv. 10)
+ Luster of War
Luster of War
Luster of War Luster of War
HN Icon
Type Evolution Material
Usage Evolves Break Aura into Goliath Fist Replica.
Goliath Fist Replica
Goliath Fist Replica
Goliath Fist Replica Goliath Fist Replica
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Bash ATK 224 (224)
Rarity R HP 0 (0)
Max Lv. (LB) 40 (0) RCV 51 (51)
(Lv. 40)
+ Tears of Strife
Tears of Strife
Tears of Strife Tears of Strife
R Icon
Type Evolution Material
Usage Evolves Goliath Fist Replica into Goliath Fist.
Goliath Fist
Goliath Fist
Goliath Fist Goliath Fist
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Bash ATK 350 (422)
Rarity SR HP 0 (0)
Max Lv. (LB) 50 (4) RCV 22 (26)
(Lv. 50)
+ Radiant Cloth
Radiant Cloth
Radiant Cloth Radiant Cloth
R Icon
Type Evolution Material
Usage Evolves Goliath Fist into Goliath Fist +.
Goliath Fist
Goliath Fist +
Goliath Fist Goliath Fist +
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Bash ATK 435 (523)
Rarity SR + HP 0 (0)
Max Lv. (LB) 60 (6) RCV 33 (41)
(Lv. 60)
+ Radiant Cloth +
Radiant Cloth +
Radiant Cloth + Radiant Cloth +
R Icon
Type Evolution Material
Usage Evolves Goliath Fist + into Goliath Fist ++.
Goliath Fist
Goliath Fist ++
Goliath Fist Goliath Fist ++
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Bash ATK 467 (603)
Rarity SR ++ HP 0 (0)
Max Lv. (LB) 70 (6) RCV 53 (71)
Passive Link Finisher 2
Boost ATK by 5% when finisher of a 4+ link (Not displayed)

Final Weapon

Goliath Fist Goliath Fist
Goliath Fist Goliath Fist ++
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Bash ATK 467 (603)
Rarity SR ++ HP 0 (0)
Max Lv. (LB) 70 (6) RCV 53 (71)
Passive Link Finisher 2
Boost ATK by 5% when finisher of a 4+ link (Not displayed)

Goliath Fist +
Goliath Fist Goliath Fist ++
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Bash ATK 467 (603)
Rarity SR ++ HP 0 (0)
Max Lv. (LB) 70 (6) RCV 53 (71)
Passive Link Finisher 2
Boost ATK by 5% when finisher of a 4+ link (Not displayed)

Goliath Fist ++
Goliath Fist Goliath Fist ++
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Bash ATK 467 (603)
Rarity SR ++ HP 0 (0)
Max Lv. (LB) 70 (6) RCV 53 (71)
Passive Link Finisher 2
Boost ATK by 5% when finisher of a 4+ link (Not displayed)



Sara We're running out of travel funds, so I went and got this job assignment from the guild...
Lippy Ah, it's for a restaurant! Perhaps they're in need of cooks?
And if so... I do believe I'm more than qualified! I would be happy to be of service.
Sara I'm guessing that isn't the job.
??? Excuse me? Are you the adventurers that the guild sent over?
Sara Yep! That's us.
??? Aha! I thought so! It just hit me like the piquancy of Minstel-grown black peppercorns!
Sara What...?
Lippy I take it, then, that you are our client for this job?
Ellis Ah, right! I should've introduced myself. I'm Ellis! A pleasure.
Sara Hi, my name is Sara. It's nice to meet you.
Ellis I guess I should explain a little about the job.
I need you to acquire a certain ingredient for me.
I had intended to get it myself, but there are too many other ones I need, so I called for help.
Lippy I see. What sort of ingredient did you have in mind?
Ellis Geezers.
Sara Geezers?!
Ellis Yes. Golden Geezers, specifically.
Lippy Golden... Geezers...? What are you talking about?
Ellis It's just a type of geezer! They're at the lake to the East.
Brutal and short tempered. Oh, and with a mouthful of sharp teeth. You have to be cautious of their jaws.
Sara Umm... can you be more specific? Without more details, we might bring back the wrong kind...
Ellis Uh, sure. They've got shining golden scales and whiskers that are as long as whips!
To be honest, I wanted to go catch them myself, but they're pretty dangerous. I can't afford to get hurt!
And now I have to get back to work! Sorry! And good luck!
Sara Wait! Hold on a minute! Aw, dang it. She's gone. What are we gonna do?
Lippy We have already accepted the contract through the guild, so we have no choice but to fulfill it.
Sara Yeah, I guess you're right. Come on, (user). Let's head East to that lake!


Sara Oh... so a geezer's just a type of fish?
Lippy Whoever named them thusly certainly has an unusual sense of humor.
Sara I guess those whiskers do make'em look kinda like old men.
Lippy Good gracious. The imagination of you humans never ceases to amaze me. Ah, incidentally...
There seems to be some unusual power dropped by that monster we fought.
I have analyzed it with my smartphon, and it appears that it could be upgraded to create a powerful weapon!
Sara Really? That's quite a material!
Lippy The geezer appears to be just one of a number of unusual monsters here.
This material may be the result of some mutation that has occurred within this most peculiar food chain.
Sara If it looks like we can make something out of it, we should give it a try! But first, we need to get back to Ellis.
Ellis You caught one! That's fantastic!
Sara Happy to be of service.
Ellis This is just perfect! I might actually be able to win the cooking tournament now!
Sara Cooking tournament?
Ellis Yeah, they hold one twice a year in this town.
Sara Really! That's pretty neat.
Ellis Every year it ends in a tie between me and the same guy.
But this time, I'll finally be able to send him packing. And it's all thanks to you!
Sara Wow. Well, I wish you luck!
Ellis You know, you should come! You can try my masterful menu!
Sara Your masterful menu?
Ellis That's right. All my most innovative and of experience as a chef!
Customers who have eaten it have been so invigorated by its deliciousness that they've fought off monsters bare-handed.
Sara What?! They fought off monsters? Bare-handed? Because of its flavor? I don't even...
Lippy I had no idea that this world was capable of such potent cuisine! I have so much to learn!
Hmm? Why are you shaking your head like that, Great Savior...?
Sara Well, uh... I guess we'll be there.
Ellis You won't regret it!


Lippy We've managed to save a considerable amount of money in the week since we completed that task for Ellis.
Sara Yeah! Once this last job is done, It'll be enough to hold us for a while.
Lippy But first we'll need to locate the client for the job.
??? Are you guys from the guild?
Lippy We are indeed. And who might you be?
Hodd My name's Hodd. I'm the one who sent for you.
Sara It's nice to meet you, Hodd. How can we be of service?
Hodd Let's discuss it in the restaurant.
Sorry, but part-timers like me aren't allowed into the kitchen before business hours.
So all I can bring you is water.
Sara Thank you very much.
Hodd Well, let me get straight to the point. I'd like you to acquire a certain ingredient for me.
Sara Oh...
Lippy Dear me, Lady Sara. I have a bad feeling about this.
Sara *Sigh* So what is it you're after?
Hodd Morron.
Lippy Excuse me?!
Hodd I want a morron. A big fat morron, ideally.
Lippy I gather this morron is another one of this region's fancifully named fauna? You chefs certainly seem fond of such creatures.
Sara I'm sorry, can you be more specific about what these "morrons" looks like?
Hodd You've never heard of morrons? Well, they live in the woods South of here.
They love carrots, and have deer-like antlers on their heads. Their wings are silver. Oh! And they're nocturnal.
Lippy I see. Do they have any other distinguishing characteristics?
Hodd Well, they eat meat, and particularly enjoy human eyeballs. I hear there are a lot of one-eyed morron hunters around.
Sara Eww...
Hodd If you open up their stomachs after you kill them, sometime you can find—
Sara Enough! That's enough!
Hodd Huh? Oh, okay. So... Good luck, I guess!
Sara Sorry. I couldn't bear to hear another word of that.
Lippy These morrons sound like truly ferocious creatures! Let us proceed to these woods with the utmost caution.
Sara Yeah. Keep an eye out, (user). Oh no... Did I really just say that...?!


Lippy We finally got one!
Sara It may be big and fat by morron standards, but I'm surprised at how small these creatures are.
Lippy Indeed. I was expecting something much worse from the description.
Incidentally, the tree in which the morrons lived seemed permeated with powerful magic.
I analyzed the materials from it with my smartphone, and it appears they could be upgraded to create potent weapons!
Sara Really? Then we should continue investigating the trees and terrain in this region!
Lippy I suspect there are more trees like that one within these woods.
If the opportunity presents itself, we should collect more materials and attempt some weapon creation afterwards.
Sara Sounds good to me. But for now, let's get this morron back to Hodd, (user)!
Hodd Wow, that was quick work. Thanks!
Lippy You can confirm that this is a morron?
Hodd Oh yeah. That's a big fat morron, just like I wanted! This'll win me the cooking tournament for sure.
Sara The cooking tournament? You mean...
Hodd I'm tired of that sassy little chef getting in my way every time! This tournament's gonna be my time to shine.
Lippy Ah. I take it you're a regular at these cooking tournaments, then?
Hodd What? You didn't know? I was wondering why you didn't seem more excited. You've never tasted my cooking, have you?
Sara I'm afraid not.
Hodd That explains it, then. You need to come to the tournament!
Every moment I've suffered over the last several years—it's all led up to the ultimate menu I've prepared.
Lippy An ultimate menu, you say?
Hodd The combination of flawless ingredients chosen at their peak of flavor, and my perfectly trained culinary skills...
...could only result in a meal of ultimate quality!
It will be so delicious that all who taste it will believe they've visited the great beyond! You won't regret it!
Lippy Heaven, you say? My curiosity is piqued. I was not aware that fine cooking could open the gates to paradise!
Sara Wow, that gave me chills. But... which of the two possible "great beyonds" are we talking about here?
You have a bad feeling about this too, (user)? Maybe we should decline Hodd's offer...
Hodd Hmm? What?! You speak of declining?! Will you be too busy to attend? In that case, I'll cook for you now!
Sara Huh? N-No! That won't be necessary!
Hodd But I must show you my gratitude! I don't have time to make a full meal, but I could at least make an appetizer.
Sara No, it's okay! Really! We'll come to the tournament!
Hodd Oh? Well you've made the right choice! It will be a meal to remember!
Sara Oof... I tried, but... he wore me down. Sorry, (user).


Host At long last, the cooking tournament has begun!
The fated battle is upon us! This tournament's longest running struggle!
Will this be the day one of these culinary warriors emerges triumphant?
It's Masterful Ellis vs. Ultimate Hodd!
Audience Woooooooooooooo!!!
Sara Looks like Ellis and Hodd are already hard at work.
Lippy An impressive show of vigor! But... What are those ingredients they're using?
Ellis This is gonna be the day! I'm not tying with you again.
Hodd You're right about that part! You'll have to find yourself a new nemesis, because I'm finishing strong!
The meat in my morron soup is perfectly stewed! Now I add the mandrake root!
And then a dash of powdered mithril! I've got gunpowder in my spice mix, and magic heating runes on my pot!
Sara Wait, what? Does that sound odd to anyone else?
Ellis So what? My unbeatable masterful menu is just about to receive its kick!
I'm frying up a mix of finely chopped geezer and rice.
Next comes my secret spices from the far, far, far East—meteor powder and ouroboros pepper!
??? Raaaawwwrrr!!!
Hodd You're brassy, but you got talent. That scream speaks to the freshness of your ingredients, at least.
Ellis I can tell you're a man who appreciates freshness. I can feel the liveliness of yours coming right out of your pot!
Ellis&Hodd But I'm the one who's gonna win!
Monster Raaaawwwrrr!!!
Sara What is going on here? What is THAT?!
Lippy Dear me!
According to my smartphon, their recipes are replicating a monster summoning process used by a famous sorcerer!
Sara Wait, WHAT? We've gotta stop them!
??? Over there, look out!
I'll have to use an arcane arte! Thunder Sword!
Sara All of a sudden, there's monsters everywhere! Yikes... Thank you!
??? I was invited here to act as a judge! How did I end up fighting monsters?!
Well, whatever. Are you guys okay?
Sara We're fine. But there's more monsters to deal with!
??? I'll get rid of them somehow. You guys flee to safety.
Sara No, we're joining this fight. Come on, (user)!


??? Wow, you guys are great fighters! I'm kinda shocked. Who are you?
Sara I'm Sara, the sprite there is Lippy, and that's (user).
Lilith My name is Lilith. I'm one of the tournament judges... Or I was, before it all went sideways.
Lippy Well, if there is any consolation, it's that no one seems to have been seriously injured.
Sara Well that's a relief!
Ellis It sure is. But how did this happen?!
Hodd My... ultimate menu... It... It... Oh no...
Sara We know you didn't mean for this to happen. But, um... maybe you sorta...
Lippy Perhaps you two should take this opportunity to reflect upon the choices that have led to this.
Lilith Well, at least we're all still standing. All's well that ends well, right?
Hodd We are... unworthy of your forgiveness. You're very kind.
Lilith I'm used to this sort of thing, thanks to my brother. But do make sure you reflect upon this, like Lippy said!
Ellis I promise. I'll think long and hard. But, wow, Lilith... You're so strong!
Lilith Hmm?
Hodd You're certainly no normal civilian! To fight so effectively with a ladle and a frying pan...! Are you a chef?
Lilith I'm no professional or anything, but I'm a pretty decent cook, yeah.
Ellis Wow, a great fighter and a good cook. That's so inspiring to me as a woman!
Lilith It... It is?
Hodd Very much so. I believe you may be the teacher I've been searching for.
Ellis I respect you so much, Lilith! Please, accept me as a disciple!
Hodd What? She's mine! Great teacher, show me the path of culinary mastery!
Lilith What? What's happening? I can't... I don't want this!
Ellis Master Lilith! Please, wait!
Hodd I will follow you to the ends of the earth, Great Teacher!
Sara They don't lack for spirit.
Lippy Nor fortitude. I bet either one could emerge unscathed from a pit of monsters. Hm...? These readings...!
The materials we obtained from those monsters contain some unusual power. According to my analysis...
These special properties would make them particularly suited for weaponry. Perhaps we should attempt to upgrade them?
Sara Maybe we should! But first... I'm exhausted, and I'm starving! You wanna go eat, (user)?
Lippy That certainly sounds lovely to me. Let's do just that!
Sara But just like... a normal burger or something. Nothing fancy, right...?