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After saving Tiza and the major of the city, the party is gifted with the once in a lifetime chance to take the stage in their place. However, things look grim as the party realizes that their idol abilities are severely lacking. What will happen once they hit the stage?..


# Stage Stamina Battles
It's Song Festival Time!
1 Changing the Subject 3 3
2 Quite the Expert 3 3
Margarita's Plot(?)
3 Another Mercenary (?) 3 5
4 Breakthrough Number 2 5 5
Sing, Dance, Kick Butt
5 Songstress of Battle 5 5
6 Wait, So Who Won? 7 5


Hero Stone Hero Stones x3

Idol's Mic Idol's Mic
Idol's Mic Idol's Mic
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Armor ATK 438 (438)
Rarity SR HP 0 (0)
Max Lv. (LB) 50 (0) RCV 320 (320)
Passive Top Diva's Voice
May boost ATK of all heroes by 7%



──The day of the festival──
Sara Wow, just when I thought this town couldn't possibly get more crowded! Have all these people come to see the festival?
Leia It sure seems that way. It was all I heard anyone talking about on the way here.
Tiza Hi guys! Thanks again for saving us!
Kohaku Tiza! How's your leg doing?
Tiza I'm still not able to use it. But... I'm lucky to be alive, thanks to all of you!
Colette Thanks for coming out to root us on! And the mayor's here too!
Anise Let's just say that the training didn't exactly work out. But with you helping to work the crowd for us, I know we can still win this thing!
??? Well, well! I see you're as lacking in sanity as you are charisma!
Leia Um... Who are you?
Tiza Margarite! Are you participating in the festival?!
Lippy You know this person, Tiza?
Tiza I wouldn't say I know her, exactly. She's... a fan, I guess?
Margarite A fan of yours? Don't flatter yourself! My name is Margarite, and I'm the most beautiful singer in town. It's a name you're going to want to remember.
Colette Well, a friend of Tiza's is a friend of ours, I guess! We're entering the festival too. It's nice to meet you.
Margarite Was I not clear? I'm no friend of hers! Tiza and I have been rivals in song since the day we were born!
Leia Huh! Yeah, it seemed like there was something between you. I guess that explains it.
Margarite Anyway! I will not allow amateurs to make a mockery of our most treasured festival! You don't belong here!
Anise Oh boy, another nutjob in my life! That is just what I needed after Marurun...
Margarite Let's be perfectly clear. If Tiza isn't participating, then I'm the winner by default. Don't embarrass yourselves!
Colette It's so sweet of you to say so, Margarite! We'll do our best! Thank you for your support!
Leia I'm not sure how you managed to interpret THAT as a show of support.
Kohaku That felt a little bit more like a threat.
Anise She seems like a delight. *Sigh*... Whatever.
Forget about her. We gotta prep!
Lippy Ladies! I apologize for taking until the last minute, but I've finished your costumes!
Colette Oh my gosh! Those are sooooo cute!
Kohaku Wow, Lippy, how'd you manage to pull this off so quickly?
Thank you so much!
Reala Look at these fine seams! This is incredible work.
Lippy You are far too kind. But I'm glad you like them.
The festival will be starting shortly, so you should probably get changed right away!
Sara Whoa, you guys look incredible! Like total superstars!
Reala Thanks, Sara. I can't believe I'm wearing this, though... It's a little, um...
Kohaku Yeah, no kidding! This skirt is awfully short!
Anise Uh, it's not half as short as your usual costume, Kohaku.
Leia Man, this is a perfect fit! Lippy is one heck of a tailor.
Anise Absolutely! Lippy really managed to highlight my natural cuteness!
Mayor The festival is beginning!
Sara Oh!
All right guys, do your best! Lippy, (user) and I will be cheering you on from the audience!
Lippy Break a leg! But not literally, of course.
Anise Thanks guys!
Host Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the biannual Festival of Song!
From the first through third rounds of competition, all challenges will be chosen at random from this box!
Let's select our first challenge...
It's... "Exhibit Your Singing Ability!"
Group 1, please step forward and show us what you've got!
Reala That seems normal enough. I was afraid the challenges might be something a little more exotic.
Anise I dunno. For a group that's never even practiced, normal challenges might not be our strong suit...
Sara Wow, such beautiful voices. They're really good!
Lippy I can see why this festival is so highly regarded!
Sara Oh! Looks like our friends are next!
Lippy Dear me... I think I'm more nervous than they are!
Host Okay, the challenge for the next group is...
H-Hey! Is someone back there? I swear I just saw... Oh, well. Our next challenge is... uh...
"Battle Against Mercenaries"?! This is... an unusual topic...
Anise "Battle Against Mercenaries"...? That's... a song title, right? *Sigh* It's not a song title, is it.
So... we have to fight, and we're only group that has to do it... Yeah, that's not at all suspicious!
Colette Well, at least we'll get to put Ms. Marurun's training to good use!
Kohaku Maybe they just throw in a few weird challenges to entertain the crowd...?
Margarite Well well! It came from the box, so that's an official challenge! The mercenaries are waiting... Everyone, give it up for Team Anise!
Lippy And now she's playing the part of the emcee...?!
Leia Well, there's no getting out of it now. We're gonna have to do this!
Anise There's no way Margarite isn't behind this. Too bad for her that we're a lot better at fighting than singing!
Let's go, team!
Everyone Hurrah!


Host A stunning performance! Team Anise has dispatched a band of professional mercenaries with ease! You can bet they'll be advancing to the next round!
Leia All right! We did it!
Colette We owe it all to Ms. Marurun!
Anise It's not exactly what I had in mind, but if we can fight our way through this tournament, that prize is as good as mine!
Margarite Well, well! You're not as inept as you look! But don't think the second round will be so easy.
Just you wait and see. You will curse your luck at not having been eliminated in round one!
Leia Ya know guys, I'm starting to think that Margarite doesn't much like us.
Anise Sounds like she's got another trick up her sleeve...
Well, we can take whatever she throws at us!
Everyone Hurrah!


Host Congratulations to the teams who have advanced to the second round! Is everyone ready for what's next?
Audience Yaaaaaayyy!!!
Sara Wow, the crowd's really into it!
Host I'll take that as a yes!
Then let's begin! You know our first competitor as the most beautiful singer in Cycorepo. Give a warm welcome to Team Margarite!
Margarite Ladies and gentlemen! Are you prepared to bask in the majesty of the one true superstar of song?
Audience Yaaaaaaaayyy!!!
Anise Wow, Margarite sure seems to have a lot of fans. I can't imagine what they see in her...
Colette Well, she's beautiful, and she's got a lot of energy... It's no surprise she'd be popular! The crowd really seems to be loving it!
Tiza I'm not so sure. From where I was sitting, the crowd seemed a lot more excited about you guys than her.
Anise Really?
Colette Wow. Margarite's a fantastic singer! The crowd's going wild!
Audience Yaaaaaaaaaayyy!!!
Host A commanding performance from Team Magarite! Will it take them all the way to the winner's circle?
Sara I can't believe what a beautiful singer Margarite is. That was stunning.
Lippy I must admit that I was impressed myself. It's hard to imagine such beauty coming out of such ugliness.
Anise Listen to that applause. There's no doubt that Margarite is the one we gotta beat. She's good.
Host Our next competitor is Team Anise, who put on a memorably... unusual performance in the first round!
What challenge awaits them next? Let's check the mystery box!
And here it is... Team Anise's challenge is...
"Continue to Sing and Dance Masterfully In Spite of Unexpected Circumstances!"
Kohaku Huh? That one actually sounds legit!
Host In this challenge, our competitors are expected to put on a show under unusually thrilling conditions!
Let's bring on the "unexpected circumstances"!
Mercenaries Rrrraaaawwwrrr!
Anise WHAT?! More mercenaries...? What are they doing here?!
Colette Geez... There sure are a lot of them.
Host Hmmm? This is odd... The unexpected circumstance was supposed to be us activating the rain and wind machine...
Margarite Well, well, ladies and gentleman! Is Team Anise unwilling to perform outside of their canned routines?!
Lippy This is quite odd... I could have sworn that Margarite was on the other side of the stage only a moment ago...
Leia Hey! No one said we weren't willing! But... how is this a realistic complication for a singer?!
Margarite Your attitude is disgraceful! A true performer knows that the show must go on, no matter what happens!
But if you can't handle a little stage fright, feel free to concede defeat now!
Anise You wish! We're not conceding anything! You think we can't sing and dance while fighting a mercenary army?!
Reala Um, Anise... I'm not sure that──
Anise Hey, buck up! Tiza's counting on us! Don't tell me you're gonna let her down?! We can do this!
Reala Okay! I'm in!
Colette Let's do our best!
Leia Yeah! Let's kick some butt!
Audience Yaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!
Host Ladies and gentleman, Team Anise's second performance begins... now!


Host Wow! What a performance from Team Anise, beautifully dancing circles around an army of mercenaries! These first-timers have secured a spot in the final round!
Audience Yaaaaaayyy!!!
Sara Woo-hoo! Great job, guys!
Lippy A masterful performance indeed!
Reala We did it. We actually did it...
Kohaku Surprisingly, not so different from our usual monster-slaying missions...
Anise And now we're within a hair's breadth of winning this thing! And if we could handle THAT, we can handle anything. That treasure is as good as mine!
Margarite Well, well! So you've survived all my little traps. You do have some talent after all!
Leia So you were behind it all along! I mean... not that that wasn't already blindingly obvious.
Anise And now we're in the finals, despite your flagrant rule-breaking! We know you rigged the mystery trial box!
Margarite Why, how dare you accuse me of breaking the rules! Nowhere in the rulebook does it say I can't rig the mystery box!
Kohaku Not being explicitly forbidden doesn't mean it's allowed!
Reala Somehow I doubt she really cares.
Leia Hey, emcee guy! Are you just gonna let her continue to cheat like this?
Host The thing is, the crowd's loving it! You're earning yourselves thousands of fans tonight!
So I hate to admit it, but for the sake of the festival... yes!
Kohaku Well, it is kinda hard to argue with his points there...
Anise I don't know what kinda sleazy festival they're running here, but if we're this close to winning... on with the show!
Margarite That's the spirit! All that's left is the finals... But I wouldn't start working on your acceptance speech quite yet!
Host As we head into the final round, things are really heating up! Which team will take home the prize?!


Sara Looks like the finals are about to begin! I really hope Anise and the gang can pull this one off...
Lippy Indeed! But from where I'm sitting, they certainly seem to be the odds-on favorite.
If anyone deserves to win this year's festival, it is clearly Team Anise!
Audience1 Ya know, that talking dog thing is right! This is the best Festival of Song we've had in years!
Audience2 Yeah! Team Anise has really made the Festival of Song exciting again!
I think this is their first time competing, too! But man, they're really incredible.
Audience3 Ya know, in this day and age, dancing and singing's just not enough. I want my musical idols to be able to kick some butt too!
A superstar's gotta be larger than life, you know?
Sara Y-Yes, exactly! That's why Team Anise deserves to go all the way!
We'd better cheer them on!
Host Ladies and gentlemen, it's the moment you've all been waiting for... the final round of the Festival of Song!
Margarite Well, well! You amateurs are about to see what a commanding victory from a true superstar looks like.
Anise Ha! In your own deluded head, maybe. There's only one first-place prize, and I'll be taking that home.
Host All right, the final challenge is... "Sing and Dance"!
Margarite Well, well! Lucky me!
Leia That's the final challenge...? It's so... normal...
Festival's Head Judge Stop the show!
Reala Huh?!
Host It's... the festival's head judge?! Has something happened?
Festival's Head Judge We judges have been talking it over, and we've decided to change the final challenge.
Colette Huh?
Margarite WHAT?!
Kohaku What's going on here?
Host But sir, this is the same final challenge we use every year. It's a festival tradition!
Festival's Head Judge No one asked you! Times changes and festivals need to change with them. Watching Team Anise has made it clear to us that we're no exception!
The judges were unanimous in wanting this year's festival winner to be a superstar of song, dance, and combat. So that's the new final challenge!
Singing and Dancing Mercenaries We will be your opponents in the final challenge!
Colette Oh! They added "singing and dancing" to their team name! We'll face them in a singing and dancing competition?
Festival's Head Judge Not quite. You'll need to sing, dance... and defeat them in team combat!
Leia So... kinda like every other challenge? This is really how you're gonna decide the winner?
Margarite What are you talking about?! This isn't the way it goes!
Kohaku Yeah, she does have a point. I'm not sure if the audience is going to go along with this.
Colette I'm sure some of them want to see things unfold the way they always have!
Margarite Y-Yes. Exactly! They won't stand for high-handed judges disrupting their festival!
Anise They won't, or you won't...?
Host Well, then... let's let the audience decide! Everyone who wants to see the competitors sing, dance, AND fight, applaud now!
Sara That sounded like every single person here...
Lippy Their applause is nearly deafening!
Margarite N-No! This can't be happening! I had everything planned out...!
Anise What the heck? So if enough people applaud, they'll just change anything?
Host Uh... well then, since the audience response was unanimous...
The final challenge will now involve singing, dancing, and battling this band of mercenaries!
Our first competitor is Team Margarite! Let's start the music!
Margarite Wh-What?!
Singing and Dancing Mercenaries Battle stances! Prepare to fight!
Margarite Bwaaah!!!
Sara Oh no...
Leia Look out!
Margarite I... I can't do this! I'm a lady of culture and refinement! I don't know how to fight against mercenaries!
Why do I even have to fight anyone? I just want to sing! This isn't fair!
Anise Spark Wave!
Leia Triple Blossom!
Margarite Huh...?
Anise I just couldn't bear to watch... Although there is a certain poetic justice to it, after you slipped us all those fighting challenges...
Kohaku But if we don't step in to protect her, she's really gonna get hurt.
Margarite You... But...
Colette You step back and let us handle this, Margarite. I think we can probably take them.
Leia You just stay behind us and keep singing, all right?
Reala Leave all that nasty fighting to us.
Singing and Dancing Mercenaries If you won't come to us, we're coming to you!
Anise Your slack-jawed gaping isn't making this any easier! Get behind us! You say you're such a pro, then go entertain the audience already!
Margarite R-Right! These thugs are all yours!
Everyone Let's go!


Host What an unexpected turn of events! Team Anise and Team Margarite conquered the challenge with an impromptu collaboration!
Margarite Well, well! Now you all see what Team Margarite is truly capable of!
Colette We sure do! Your singing is incredible, Margarite.
Reala It really is! It felt great to be fighting along to that rhythm!
Anise Yeah, great stuff, whatever. So who won already?
Host Judges! Have you selected a winner?
Festival's Head Judge The judging panel would like to thank all the contestants for an exceptional Festival of Song!
Today we've seen the birth of a new type of musical star, and one that's excited the crowd like never before...
This festival's winner... Team Anise!
Sara They did it! They actually won!
Lippy Our fervent support was not in vain! This was truly a spectacular evening!
Anise Aww, shucks. We really did it!
Reala I still don't understand how we won... All we did was fight!
Leia Yeah, but... that makes us a "new type of musical star!" That's pretty cool!
Margarite So you've bested me after all. I must admit that, watching you from behind, your moves were impressive.
Kohaku Thanks, Margarite! And you really are a great singer.
Host As our new Festival of Song champions, we are honored to present one of the town's historic treasures to Team Anise!
Anise Oh yeah. Come to Mama!
Reala I wonder what sort of legendary treasures a city of the arts would have, anyway?
Kohaku It's got to be something art-related...
Anise Yeah, I'm hoping for like a classic painting or something. I'll flip that baby for cash and make all my high-society dreams come true!
Colette Wow, how exciting to see your dreams come true! I'm so happy for you!
Host And here they are... The costumes of the great singers of legend!
Leia Two matching costumes, huh?
Anise They kinda look a lot like the ones we're already wearing...
Margarite Don't you know what those are? Those costumes were worn by the two legendary songstresses of Cycorepo! Their songs brought peace to this town.
That's why everyone who yearns to be a great singer dreams of wearing them! But they're only given to the victors of the Festival of Song.
Anise Yeah, that's real inspiring or whatever. Here, I'll give 'em to you and Tiza.
Tiza What?! But why?!
Colette Anise, you worked so hard to win that prize! Are you sure?
Anise Honestly? I can't imagine anyone paying me more than a couple of bucks for these.
Margarite worked really hard to win them too, and unlike us, she really wants to be a singer. I'm sure they'd mean more to her and Tiza than me.
Margarite Anise...! I don't know what to say...
Anise Just put these on and promise you'll keep working at becoming great singers.
Margarite I will! I promise I'll work hard to become a singer worthy of them!
But here, I want you to have this in return.
Colette Oh my gosh, that's so cute! Can we really take this?
Margarite I insist! Consider it a token of our frien— er, a token of our rivalry!
Tiza I'd have stuck with your first thought there...
Leia Heh. No way Margarite's giving it up that easily!
Reala I wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you, Margarite.
Sara Congratulations you guys! We were totally blown away by your performance!
Kohaku Sara! Thanks for rooting us on. We could see you down there the whole time!
Reala I don't know that we'd have ever pulled this off without your support.
Sara Then I'm so glad we were able to be there for you guys.
Anise I dunno. We won and all, and now we're friends with Margarite or... something. But I'm still not really feeling it.
Leia Then we gotta get out and celebrate! Let's go make some noise!
Kohaku That sounds good to me! After all, Lippy worked so hard to make these costumes for us... I don't want to have to take them off already!
Margarite That sounds like a fine plan to me! You can expect my full cooperation.
Sara Ooh, you guys are gonna have an after-party? Sounds like a blast!
Anise You're coming with us Sara! And this time we're not taking no for an answer.
Colette And (user) and Lippy have to join us too!
Lippy Me?! Are you sure?
Mayor You all have certainly earned this! Thanks to you, this Festival of Song was a huge success!
I wish I could offer you more, but I have arranged for your meals. So please, enjoy all that Cycorepo has to offer.
Anise Awww, thanks Mr. Mayor! I'm starving! All right gang, let's go have some fun!
And on that day, a new era dawned in Cycorepo...
...the age of the singing, dancing, AND fighting superstar.