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Past Content
This page contains information about past content that is no longer available.


The party are on their way back from an exciting and thrilling venue from the Tales of Festival 2014. However, Lippy's smartphon indicates there's a large number of monsters nearby! They follow the signal to find a lone woman struggling against the horde! The party rushes in to assist!


# Stage Stamina Battles
Party Till You Drop!
1 Hurry to the Venue! 5 5
2 Where's the Source? 5 5
3 Repel the Monsters! 6 5
The Sealed Doom
4 Little Big Dark One 6 5
5 Howling Monster Herd 7 5
6 Size Matters Not 8 5
Heroes and Heroics
7 Hands Off the Sword! 8 5
8 Chaotic Arena 9 5
9 Go! I've Got This! 9 5
The Dark One's Scheme
10 Tested Mettle 10 5
11 Ballet of Blades 11 5
12 Fight for the Future! 11 5
Festival's End
13 On the Stage of Battle 12 5
14 The Dark One Returns! 12 5
15  Grand Finale  15 7
  • Yumu's Ark is awarded after stage 8.
  • Ange's Mic 2014 is awarded after stage 11.
  • [Ultra-Hot Emcee] Ange is awarded after stage 15.


  • Hero Stone 5x Hero Stones (After Stages 3 6, 9, 12, and 15)
(Ultra-Hot Emcee) Ange (Icon) [Ultra-Hot Emcee] Ange
(Ultra-Hot Emcee) Ange (Icon) [Ultra-Hot Emcee] Ange
Type Thrust LV 1 (70)
ATK 449 (1287) HP 516 (1736)
RCV 292 (801) LC 6
Arte 3 light-type hits against one foe (84% x3)
LS Boost ATK/RCV of thrust heroes to 1.3x
(30 LC)
Change Star into Triangle
Repair 2 Pinch Healer 2
Lucky Healing 2
Ange's Mic 2014 Ange's Mic 2014
Ange's Mic 2014 Ange's Mic 2014
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Thrust ATK 358 (358)
Rarity SR HP 0 (0)
Max Lv. (LB) 50 (0) RCV 158 (158)
Yumu's Ark Yumu's Ark
Yumu's Ark Yumu's Ark
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Armor ATK 0 (0)
Rarity R HP 168 (168)
Max Lv. (LB) 40 (0) RCV 243 (243)
Passive Mirror of Ymu's Ark
Reduces water damage by 40%




After filling an arena of cheering fans with joy and excitement, the curtain has fallen on Tales Fest 2014.
But the story that follows is not about Tales Fest...
It's about the late-night festival that transpired on an empty stage afterwards.
Sara Wow, what a blast!
Tales Fest was great this year!
Lippy The performers were exceptional, and the enthusiasm of the crowd was most infectious. I couldn't help but let it sweep me away!
Sara Yeah, you sure looked like you were enjoying yourself! But man, now that it's over, it sure feels quiet.
Lippy Indeed. After all that excitement, it's certainly hard to adjust to solitude again.
Lippy Experiencing the quiet of normalcy after being immersed in such fervor... It's as though Tales Fest was but a dream from which we've just awakened.
Sara Yeah, it really has gotten quiet. I mean, this is a pretty bustling city, but there's no comparison.
Lippy I suppose we should be on our way—hmm?
My smartphon?!
Lippy Lady Sara, my smartphon readings indicate the presence of monsters!
Sara What? From where?
Lippy It appears to be—can this be right?! They're coming from the Tales Fest arena! And in massive quantities!
Sara No way!
We gotta get back there!
Lippy Let us make haste, Lady Sara!
Follow me, Great Savior!
 ??? I don't know how much longer I can hold out against this horde of monsters!
Sara Guys, look!
Monsters are attacking someone!
Lippy So now they've left the confines of the arena?!
Lady Sara, we must help her!
Sara Darn right!
Come on, (user)!


 ??? I was beginning to worry I'd never get away, and I doubt I would have if it weren't for you. Thank you.
Sara No need to thank us. We were just doing what anyone would have done.
Ange I doubt that. You're very kind.
My name is Ange. Might I ask yours?
Sara I'm Sara, that's Lippy, and that's (user).
Ange It is a pleasure to meet you all.
Sara So what happened here, Ange?
Where did these monsters come from?
Ange I wish I knew.
Ange Tales Fest ended, the arena emptied out, and then suddenly...
Ange ...monsters were pouring out from the stage. They attacked us...
we were overwhelmed, fighting just to survive.
Ange Before I knew it, I'd been driven out of the arena. If you hadn't saved me, who knows what might have happened.
Sara "We"? So you mean...
Ange Yes. There are others inside, still fighting. I need to save them, but I'm not sure how much use I'll be alone...
Sara We'll go help!
Ange Are you sure? I cannot stress more strongly how many monsters there are in there. It's incredibly dangerous!
Sara All the more reason we can't let you go back in there alone. We're going too.
Ange Very well.
You have my heartfelt gratitude.
Sara No problem!


Ange This makes no sense... This arena was full of monsters a few minutes ago. Now there's no trace of them at all.
Lippy The readings have disappeared from my smartphon as well. This is quite perplexing!
Sara Whatever the reason is, let's stay on guard here.
 ??? You dare to set foot in my throne room, little girl?
Sara Who the...?!
Show yourself!
 ??? Can you not perceive me? What a pity that you are unable to bask in my regal, beautiful presence.
 ??? My name is Geo. I am what you humans would call a greater demon.
Sara A greater demon...?
Geo I've been sealed here for decades, but your little ritual earlier has finally loosened my bonds. You have my gratitude.
Ange Ritual...?
What are you talking about?!
Geo How could you not recall the unsealing ritual that you have only just finished?
Ange Only just finished...?
You don't mean... Tales Fest?!
Geo Yes, precisely.
Your enthusiasm was extraordinary. Thanks to you, here I am.
Sara But I still don't know where that is! With all the echoes, it's hard to even make out your voice.
Are you, like, transparent...?
Geo Stop! What are you doing?
Are you trying to kill me?!
Sara Huh? What do you mean,
"kill you"...?
I just took one step forward...
Lippy Lady Sara, forgive me for not refreshing my smartphon sooner! It appears this Geo is near your foot!
Sara Huh? My foot?!
Ange What? That tiny monster right there?
Itt's smaller than an apple gel!
Sara Oh!
So that's you down there, Geo?
Geo I am indeed the great Geo!
Sara But you're so small, and...
kinda cute.
And they call you a "greater" demon...?
Geo What's that supposed to mean?
Are you mocking me?!
I will make you regret this!
Lippy Lady Sara, I'm getting monster readings on my smartphon!
Geo I am a greater demon!
I control all of monsterkind!
Sara So you're the one who's behind the sudden monster attack? That's... kinda hard to believe...
Geo Still you mock me?!
You will taste my revenge!


Sara Looks like we finally managed to fight off the last of the monsters...
Are you okay, little guy?
Lippy The monsters did not seem to notice Geo. He was trampled repeatedly...
Geo Damn you, vile mortals!
You will suffer a dire torment for every time I was trod upon!
Sara What? It's not our fault!
They were your monsters!
Geo Enough! No longer shall I endure the derision of some little mortal girl!
Sara You're calling ME little?
Lippy Human language really is fascinating. How interesting that one can brand a larger being as "little."
Geo Does your mockery never cease?!
I withdraw this day, but I will remember every insult, and repay each in blood!
Sara Huh?
He skittered away...
Lippy He is quite spry for so small of a creature!
Ange That was... exhausting.
I can't say I enjoy being toyed with by some little runt.
Sara He didn't seem like such a bad guy, but he's probably too dangerous to ignore. We should try to catch him.
Ange We'll need to ensure this never happens again. I'll deliver a two hour scolding and then we'll seal him back up.
Sara Heh...


Sara I'm pretty sure he went this way...
Lippy Tracking such a diminutive creature is like finding a needle in a haystack.
 ??? I got this area pretty much clear!
How are you faring there, Cress?
Cress Demon Fang!
Cress Yeah, I've finally managed to get this area under control...
 ??? That really is one heck of a sword. That many monsters slain and not even a nick in the blade! And it can even cut through time and space?
 ??? Tell you what, I'll give you 8,000 gald. And I'm willing to negotiate!
Cress Rutee, I've told you!
This sword—
Rutee "...Isn't for sale at any price."
Yeah, I figured you'd say that.
Geo Intriguing. I will accept this sword as an offering.
Cress Who?!
Geo I am the Greater Demon, Geo, Master of Monsters and Transcender of Morality.
Cress Greater... Demon?
Rutee Oh my gosh, he's so cute!
He's even smaller than my weapon! How are you a "greater" anything?!
Geo Such insolence! My stature is a result of your foul seal! I assure you, my true size is awe-inspiring!
Rutee Oh yeah? How big is awe-inspiring, exactly? I mean, demons are pretty big, so a "greater" demon...
Geo My true form is tenfold this size!
No, wait... twentyfold!
Rutee So that would be the size of, like... a single sack of potatoes or something.
Geo W-Well, stature is far more than size! My greatness manifests in other ways!
Rutee Sure, I believe that.
Your ego, for example.
Geo N-No! Your petty mortal minds are simply incapable of fathoming the depths of my greatness!
Cress He sure is sensitive.
I guess that aspect of him is probably a lot greater than normal.
Geo You... Argh!
I did not come here to debate with your lesser minds! You, the one called Cress! I will have your sword as an oblation!
Cress Huh?! More monsters!
Rutee Damn it!
What the hell's your problem?!
Sara Cress! Are you okay?!
Cress Sara? What are you doing here?
Sara I'll tell you later—we'd better deal with these monsters first!
Cress You're right about that!
Watch out, everyone!


Geo Your strength is considerable.
Perhaps my minions will not be sufficient to humble you.
Then I shall fight you myself!
Cress Whoa!
He's pretty fast!
Geo Now you see the folly in mocking a greater demon! I shall claim this as recompense!
Cress My sword!
Geo Bwa ha ha!
It's my sword now!
Cress ...
Geo ...
Rutee Wow, you're as dumb as you are small. What do you think you're gonna be able to do with that giant sword clenched between your teeth?
Cress You've had this one coming, pal.
Geo Bwaaahhh!!!
Rutee Whoa, you sent that thing flying!
Geo Are you out of your mind?!
You could have seriously hurt me!
Ange Have you forgotten about all the things you tried to do to seriously hurt us?
Geo Well, what do you expect from a greater demon? Alas, it seems I'm running out of minions. Revenge will have to wait!
Sara No!
He got away again!
Ange Is it just my imagination, or has he gotten a little bigger since the first time we fought him?
Sara Has he? I hadn't noticed...
Monster Rrraawwwrrr!!!
Rutee That little son of a...
Looks like he left us some going-away presents.
Cress There's no ignoring these monsters, Sara! You guys pursue the demon!
Sara Sure! What about you, Cress?
Cress I'll mop up here.
Sara What? You can't handle all those monsters by yourself!
Cress Well, it won't be an easy fight, but... I'll figure something out.
You go on ahead!
Sara Cress...
Rutee Ugh, enough with the idiotic gallantry!
You're as bad as Stahn!
Cress Stahn? I don't doubt that if we were here, he'd do the exact same thing!
Rutee Yes, and one Stahn is more than enough. I don't need another on my hands!
Rutee Fine. I'm staying, all right?
I'm not gonna let you get yourself killed.
Cress Thanks, Rutee.
Rutee Thank me after it's done!
And the rest of you, stop dawdling! Go catch that so-called greater demon!
Sara R-Right!
Take care, you guys!


 ??? Reala, where are you going?
That's the way to the stage!
Reala My monster sense is tingling...
There's great and powerful evil in this direction...
 ??? Oh yeah? We'd better check that out, then! Let's hurry!
Geo So you're capable of sensing my true nature, are you? I cannot allow that.
I'm going to need you to die.
Reala {{{2}}}
Geo I am the true darkness at the heart of the shadow. The drover that guides monsterkind.
The Greater Demon, Geo.
 ??? G-Greater Demon?
But you're so...
Reala Asbel! Do not be deceived by its outward appearance! I sense great power from this monster.
Geo Strike, my minions!
Tear them to pieces!
Asbel He's summoning monsters!
So he's the one responsible for the sudden monster attack here!
Geo Bwa ha ha! I will enjoy seeing how long you two can survive against my deadliest minions!
Asbel There's too many of them!
We can't handle them all...!
Lippy According to my smartphon readings, he should be right around here...
Sara Where did that little critter go? Maybe around this corn—bwah!
Asbel Huh?!
There's other people here?!
Ange Is that you, Asbel?
Oh! And Reala!
Reala Ange! Thank goodness you're safe.
Say, did a small monster come this way?
About as high as my hips...
Sara A small monster? That Geo guy who keeps saying he's some sort of "greater demon"?
Reala Yes, I do believe that was his name. You two are acquainted?
Sara We've been chasing him too!
Ange let us in.
Asbel All right, then we should join forces. He ran off with his monsters after we fought him earlier, so they should still be nearby...
Sara You were fighting him earlier? Just the two of you against Geo and his monsters?
Asbel Fighting might be overstating it...
Most of them sorta...
took themselves out.
Sara Took themselves out?
What are you talking about?
Reala They were very strong monsters, but he wasn't able to control them, and they ended up turning on one another.
Geo Heh heh. Yes, that was quite the unpleasant surprise. It may have been a mistake to summon such powerful monsters.
They just don't listen!
Sara Again I hear Geo's voice, but don't see him anywhere.
Geo Here, I'm right here!
Asbel His voice is coming from under that fallen bear-like monster...
Could he be beneath it?
Geo You finally figured it out!
I promise I won't run or hide anymore, so get this thing off me!
Sara Why do we have to do it?
Why don't you just... Oh...
Ange He must be trapped beneath it.
Geo Th-That's absurd! I'm not trapped! I'm merely using its body as a shield!
Sara We're not falling for your lies again! You want help? Withdraw all the rest of the monsters from the arena first!
Geo You think a greater demon is going to surrender so easily?! If those are your terms, I choose to fight!
Asbel Uh-oh. More monsters coming...
Even more than last time!
Geo My monstrous minions! Tear these insolent fools to pieces, then get this thing off of me!
Asbel And now you want them to do it? It's pretty obvious you're trapped there, pal.
Reala I'm beginning to feel that negotiating with this creature is getting us nowhere...


Geo Finally, I'm free!
Sara Bwah! How'd you get out of there? And whoa... when'd you get so big?
Geo You all have done me a great service. The enthusiasm with which you fight and the magic power you command has freed me from the final seal.
Geo Now, all I need to do is return to the stage to reclaim my true form!
Reala We can't let that happen!
We have to seal him away again!
Geo Bwa ha! I thank you for your efforts, but they're no longer needed. You may now serve me as monster food!
Sara Aw, geez. More monsters...
Asbel They don't seem too tough, but there sure are a lot of them.
Too many to try to slip past...
Reala Ange, you and the others go ahead! We'll hold the monsters back!
Sara Thanks Reala!
Come on, (user)——
we gotta hurry!


Sara This is the Tales Fest stage, right?
Geo You're a little too late.
Or I suppose, from my perspective, you're right on time!
Sara Whoa, I can't believe how big Geo's gotten... He was shorter than me a few minutes ago...
Ange Geo! Please, withdraw your monsters.
We can still settle this peacefully.
Geo Spare me your mortal lies.
I'll not fall for your tricks again! That's what you said to me last time!
Sara Last time...?
You mean, when you were sealed away?
Geo Yes. I came out to try an offering of vintage wine, and ended up sealed away!
And I didn't even get the wine!
Sara So that's what you're so angry about...
Geo I was sealed away for decades, unable to do anything but breathe, and think, and sleep!
Geo Eventually even the will to free myself ebbed away, and I thought I'd cease to exist entirely.
But then I saw your Tales Fest ritual!
Geo It looked like so much fun! So many people sharing a genuine experience! I yearned to experience it myself!
Geo But of course I felt that way—human passion is the source of my power! It gave me the strength to break the seal.
Geo But it's still not enough. I want more power! Henceforth you will hold your Tales Fest daily, as an offering to me!
Ange Like hell we will! Tales Fest is a festival for the people—not some offering to a demon!
Geo Even after I've explained my story, you dare to refuse me? Does your impertinence know no bounds?
Rutee You want an offering so bad, have one from me...
Ice Needle!
Lippy Lady Rutee!
I'm delighted to see you alive!
Cress So is that the real greater demon?
Asbel Whoa!
He's way bigger than before!
Reala And the power he commands is incredible.
Everyone, tread carefully!
Sara Everybody's okay? That's a relief!
Geo Even all of you together are no match for me. Yet still you refuse me? Still you deny me?!
Geo I'll not stand for this!
You will obey!
You will hold your festival for me one way or the other!
Sara More monsters!
(user), we gotta stop him for good, before he can do any more damage!


Sara Well, we did it... somehow.
Lippy As Geo has shrunk back to his original tiny size, I believe it's safe to say that he's expended all of his power. He won't be summoning anything more.
Ange All right, are you ready for this?
Geo No, wait!
I didn't mean any harm, I swear!
I just slipped up a little...
Ange You slipped up more than a little!
As part of my lecture, we will review every last transgression you committed!
Geo But I was just so lonely!
Sealed away here and forced to watch so many humans come and go...
Geo And then after everyone has their fun, they leave me behind, and I have to wait a whole year for the next Tales Fest!
Geo It's so lonely. It's so hard.
I can't bear to watch people having so much fun without me like that...
Sara If that's true, Geo, then why did you send all those monsters on a rampage? Why didn't you just enjoy Tales Fest like everyone else?
Geo Because I wanted to see what it was like to be a villain!
Geo Now that I've mastered the basics, I'll do it even better next time!
It'll be more intense! More extreme!
Sara Can you rehabilitate him, Ange?
Ange Absolutely. I've prepared a lengthy series of lectures about morality and proper behavior.
Geo N-No...!
Sara She's got her work cut out for her! I mean, it'd be great if he could attend the next Tales Fest like a normal person, but...
Lippy Have more faith in Lady Ange.
She can lecture the evil out of even the darkest of souls.
Sara Well, I suppose you're right.
Let's leave her to it, then.
Lippy Indeed! I'm happy we can finaly be on our way.
Sara Me too. But I know we'll be back here again! Until then...
let's get out of here, (user)!