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Welcome to the Tales of Link Wikia

This is the Wiki for the Tales of Link mobile game for iOS and Android.

For all pages, hovering over a unit, gear, or item link will bring up more information about the unit in a tooltip. While this feature is not supported on mobile, clicking on the link will still bring up the information page! More tooltips will be added in the future for enemies and quest information.

Please take a look at Our Needs if you would like to contribute!
If you are adding a new Unit page for the first time, see our how-to use the character page template.


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Tales of Link is a spinoff mobile game containing many characters from the popular Tales Of game series. Many elements from the main series return in Tales of Link such as artes, skills, mystic artes, gald, costumes, boss battles, and much more!

The game is developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. There are two versions of the game: one based in Japan and a Global version. This wikia only contains information based on the Global version of the game.

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Current Events

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Fanpage Festival Summon (Banner)

Raid TOZ-X (Phoenix) (Banner)

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Weekly Maintenance

Tuesday 21:30 ~ 00:30 PST
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