A quest for beginners only! Follow Sophie and Presea as they attempt to pick flowers.

(The Awakened) Sophie (Face)
  • This event can only be completed once
  • A 4-Star Sophie is rewarded at completion




# Stage Stamina Battles
The Flowery Meadow
1 For a Special Someone 5 5
2 Into the Mountains 5 5
Girl in the Mountains?!
3 Mountain Encounter 8 5
4 Following the Girl 8 5
Encounter with a Girl
5 With the Girl 8 5
6 Great Tree's Power 8 5
Flowers at the Peak?!
7 Head for the Peak 9 5
8 Guardian of the Peak 10 5
The Rainbow Blossom
9 Get Out of Our Way 12 5
10 A Girl's Hopes 15 5
  • Stages 1-4 contain both earth and wind foes.
  • Stages 5-8 contain both wind and water foes.
  • Stage 9-10 contain wind foes.


Hero Stone 5x Hero Stones (one after each part)

(The Awakened) Sophie (Icon) [The Awakened] Sophie
(The Awakened) Sophie (Icon) [The Awakened] Sophie
Type Bash LV 1 (70)
ATK 485 (1390) HP 852 (2864)
RCV 79 (216) LC 15
Arte 1 hit against one foe (250% x1)
LS Boost ATK/RCV of bash heroes to 1.3x
(40 LC)
Delay an enemy's attack by 2 turns
Repair 2 Inspirit Attackers 3
Lucky Healing 2


The Rainbow Blossom


–Mt. Faydol, on the border between the kingdom of Sentorsia and the Sairan Alliance–
 ??? Sophie?
Sophie What is it?
 ??? If you find the flower, what will you do with it?
Sophie I'd send it to someone I care about. What would you do with it, Presea?
Presea I would do the same.
Sophie Okay. Then let's go find it.
Presea Yes. Let's do our best.
Sara Is this where the flower field is supposed to be? The one the people in the foothills village told us about?
Lippy I do believe it should be near here. I would be most curious to see one of the rainbow flowers I've heard about!
They say when pressed, the flower brings good luck, and when drunk as a tea, it brings good health. Could that be true?
Sara I wonder. The story's something of a legend at this point. I'm not sure if it even exists at all.
It would sure be fun to find it, though. And if we did...
Lippy ...then a field of such flowers may well qualify as the "most beautiful view in the world" you've been seeking!
Sara Heh heh...
You took the words right outta my mouth.


Sara Oh! Are there people over there? It looks like two girls!
Lippy What would they be doing up in these mountains? Is there a village nearby? If so, they may know of the flowers.
Sara That's a good point. Let's ask.
Hey! Excuse me! Can I ask you a few questions?
Presea Who are you?


Sara My name's Sara. I'm an adventurer, and these are my companions, Lippy and (user). What are your names?
Presea I am Presea Combatir.
Sophie My name is Sophie.
Sara Presea and Sophie, huh? Cool names! So what are you guys doing up here? Is there a village nearby?
Presea I came from the town in the foothills. I wouldn't know if there was a village here or not.
Sophie I came from the town in the foothills too. They said I might be able to find a rainbow flower here. I want to find one to cheer up my friend Asbel.
Sara Asbel? You mean, from the Sairan Alliance?
Sophie Do you know Asbel?
Sara Yeah! He really helped us out with something a while back. So you're his Sophie, huh?
Presea Why are you here?
Sara We heard there was a really beautiful field of wildflowers up here, and came to see it. What about you, Presea?
Presea I'm looking for the lucky rainbow flower too. I wanted to give one to someone who's always been good to me...
Sara Huh! Then I guess we're all looking for the same thing. Should we team up and search together?
Presea That sounds good to me. The more people we have looking, the easier it should be to find.
Sophie Yes. Let's team up.


Sara We've nearly made it to the summit, and still no sign of the flower field...
Lippy Hmmm... The breeze is getting stronger. What's this being blown by the wind?
Presea Are those... flower petals?
Sara These could be from the flower field! Guys, we gotta change course, and head to where the wind's blowing from!
Lippy Dear me! Lady Sara is off like a shot.
Then we've no choice but to follow, Great Savior. Hopefully the wind will lead us to the flowers they seek!


Sara Whoa, this has to be it! This is the field of wildflowers everyone was talking about!
Presea What a sweet smell. All the petals rustling in the wind... It's lovely.
Sophie This reminds me of a somewhere I've been before. There are more flowers here though. It's very nice.
Lippy Dear me! Stay alert, friends! Do not lose yourselves in the flowers' beauty!
Monster Gyaooooooohhh!!!
Sophie Is that... a monster...?
Lippy It appears to be after the flowers! If they truly possess such strong magic, it makes sense that they'd be a coveted food source.
Sara We can't let it tear up the field! Come on, guys! We gotta stop it!


Lippy I believe we've earned ourselves a respite. And we certainly couldn't ask for a more beautiful place to rest!
Sara Yeah. It's really quite stunning, isn't it?
Sophie Oh! It's the rainbow flower! Over there, under that tree!
Presea It can't be...
Lippy It's certainly set my smartphon pinging. This flower holds some powerful magic indeed!
Sara But there's only one of them. I don't see any other rainbow flowers anywhere.
Sophie ......
Presea Yes?
Sophie What do people generally do when this happens?
Presea I... do not know.
Sara ......
Lippy ......
Sophie I want this flower. I want to bring it back to Asbel.
But if Asbel knew I fought with friends over it, it wouldn't make him happy at all.
Presea Friends... Yes. Lloyd would not want that either. I'll bring him this flower instead.
Sara The kind this field is full of?
Sophie I'll bring Asbel one of those too. I think he'll be happy?
Presea Yes... It should please them.
Sara You two are such thoughtful girls. After all you went through to find those flowers, I'm sure they'll love them.
Sophie When you give someone a present, does it make the recipient happier if you had to work hard to get it?
Sara Of course it does! Expending that much effort on someone else? Who wouldn't appreciate that!
Sophie I see. That's good to hear.
Sara You should make sure to tell Asbel and Lloyd how much they mean to you.
Lippy I believe they will both appreciate that while the flowers may be common, the emotions that they represent are a rare treasure indeed.
Sara Yeah, what Lippy said! They'll understand.
Lippy I am confident that they will. Incidentally, Lady Sara, is this it? Your most beautiful view in the world?
Sara No... I don't think so. I mean, it's lovely, but it's not the one I've been searching for.
All I have is a vague impression, but... seeing this makes me more confident that it's out there.
Lippy How so, Lady Sara?
Sara If a field of wildflowers can be this beautiful, it means there must be lots more beautiful spots in the world!
And the next time we get a lead on one of them, I hope you'll bear with me again, guys.
Lippy Of course, Lady Sara. The Great Savior and I would accompany you anywhere.
Sara Thanks, Lippy. Thanks, (user).
Now let's get down and go find them!