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Past Content
This page contains information about past content that is no longer available.


  • You must defeat the scenario before unlocking the clash event.
  • Level 10, 30, 50, and HARD drop Leon.
  • MANIA and UNKNOWN drop SR weapons.
  • The 3- and 4-Star Leon Units use different artwork.


Leon is in hot pursuit of Nidhogg's trail when he meets up with Sara and co. Somehow they're all dragged into a fight with Mikana, one of Nidhogg's high ranking generals. Defeat Mikana with Leon and figure out what is going on! Then spar with Leon afterwards for an exclusive unit.


# Stage Stamina Battles
The Tome's Power
1 Shadow-Stitched Warrior 5 5
2 An Unsettling Power 5 5
3 Those Who Writhe 6 5
4 Light Piercing the Shadows 6 5
5 Roar of the Shadow Dragon 7 7
6 And the Clash Begins 7 5
7 A Winning Smile 8 5
8 Surging Steel 8 5
9 Halberd Supreme 9 5
10 The Witch and the Tome 15 7
  • Rewards 4-star Leon upon completion

Clash Event

Stage Stamina Battles
Leon Lv. 10 16 1
Leon Lv. 20 * 17 1
Leon Lv. 30 18 1
Leon Lv. 40 * 19 1
Leon Lv. 50 20 1
Leon Lv. 60 * 21 1
Leon - HARD 25 1
Leon - MANIA 28 1
Leon - UNKNOWN 30 1
  • Lv. 20, 40, and 60 are non-repeatable but must be cleared to proceed


Hero Stone Hero Stones x2 (One for story completion, one for clash completion)

(Peerless Warrior) Leon (Icon) [Peerless Warrior] Leon
(Peerless Warrior) Leon (Icon) [Peerless Warrior] Leon
Type Thrust LV 1 (40)
ATK 212 (784) HP 226 (906)
RCV 98 (486) LC 6
Arte 6 dark-type hits against one foe (35% x6)
LS Boost ATK of heroes on CircleSquare to 1.2x
(35 LC)
Deal a 6x-power earth attack to one foe
Arte Plus
Weapon Boost 3
  • 3-Star
(Winsome Killer) Leon (Icon) [Winsome Killer] Leon
(Winsome Killer) Leon (Icon) [Winsome Killer] Leon
Type Thrust LV 1 (80)
ATK 319 (1236) HP 343 (1433)
RCV 147 (767) LC 6
Arte 6 dark-type hits against one foe (42% x6)
LS Boost ATK of thrust heroes to 1.6x
(45 LC)
Change CircleStar into Square
Forcefulness 2 Dark Shield 2
Earth Shield
  • 4-Star



Enemy Roooaaarrr!
Leon Demon Fang!
Sara Leon? Is that you?
Leon You kids again...
Sara Hey, how have you been? What are you doing in these parts?
Leon I would ask the same of you. Why here, of all places?
Lippy I wish I knew myself! This is where the pings of my smartphon have led us.
Leon Turn around and leave here, as quickly as you can. Otherwise...
 ???? And he even has time to stop for a chat! I'm impressed, sir knight. You don't lack for confidence.
Leon You...!
Mikana And you all... This is a dangerous place. Especially when there are so many miscreants like this one about.
Sara Leon! What is going on here?!
Leon I hadn't anticipated this little ambush, But I do appreciate you saving me the hassle of a lengthy pursuit.
I've heard about you and your little organization. And now you're going to tell me everything you know about it, and everything about that man.
Mikana I have some questions for you as well, sir knight. Exactly how much do you know about Nidhogg?
Whose information was it that led you here? You will tell me the whole story.
Sara Leon... Um... What should we...
Leon This has nothing to do with you.
Lippy Respectfully, Sir Leon, I am beginning to suspect otherwise.
Sara We're not just gonna turn and walk away. Prepare for battle, (user).
Leon Do as you like. Just stay out of my way.
Mikana Oh my. Then a battle you shall have.
Weave your shadow magic, my tome!
Leon ...!
Sara Monsters! Rising up from the earth!
Lippy Those are summoning artes!
Mikana Meet my army of spell and shadow. They're quite eager to entertain you.


Mikana I... hadn't expected such strong resistance. Especially from that one. A stonecanter, in this day and age!
Sara You know about stonecanting?
Mikana Hm. You might say I'm something of an expert on the topic. And you all have certainly piqued my interest!
I do expect we'll meet again.
Leon Damn it! She got away!
Lippy Sir Leon, who were those people?
Sara And don't say it's not our business, because it sure as heck is now!
Leon Fine. I'll explain.
That group is affiliated with a certain organization. I've been ordered to apprehend the organization's leader.
Lippy I would imagine this "organization" is up to no good if a knight of your stature has been sent after them.
Leon It's an anti-monarchist organization. They're so widely scattered throughout the continent that we aren't even sure what nation they're based in.
They're even becoming prominent in Karon. We have to strike at them now, before they grow any stronger.
Sara So that's why you were after them...
Leon We still know very little about them. I'd hoped that by capturing one of their leaders, we could change that.
I trust you're satisfied now? I'm leaving, and I suggest you do the same.
Should you encounter their like again, do not get involved.
There. You've been warned. Goodbye.
It is possible that reinforcements could be forthcoming. I agree that we should be on our way.
Sara Yeah... But I sure am curious about that organization, and that woman who knew about stonecanting. And I bet (user) is too.
The Witch of Nidhogg ~fin~
"Spar with Leon" has been unlocked!

Clash Intro

Leon You wish to become stronger? You say you want me to teach you the art of the sword...?
I see. And I guess I do owe you one. If you wish to face me in combat, I will oblige you that.
But I cannot guarantee your safety. Are you sure you wish to pursue this?
Hmm. You're an odd fellow indeed. Very well, then—let us begin!
Come at me!

Previous Durations

  • Duration: 4/26 (Tue) 8:00 - 5/5 (Thu) 7:59 PST (2016)