A quest for beginners only! Follow Milla Maxwell as she faces a mysterious man.

(Lord of Spirits) Milla (Face)
  • This event can only be completed once
  • A 4-Star Milla is rewarded at completion




# Stage Stamina Battles
Ruinator Hunting Safari
1 Setting Out 5 5
2 Beyond the Fields 5 5
Encounter with a Boy
3 The Young Magician 8 5
4 Defenders of the Woods 8 5
Travels with Shinana
5 Monsters by the River 8 5
6 The Seed's Signal 8 5
Ruinator Discovery!
7 9 5
8 The Ravenous Wolf 10 5
Two Faces
9 The Unending Clash 12 5
10 Earn Your Victory 15 5
  • Stages 1-2 are wind and earth element.
  • Stages 3-4 are light element.
  • Stages 5-6 are water element.
  • Stages 7-10 are dark element.


Hero Stone 5x Hero Stones (one after each part)

(Lord of Spirits) Milla (Icon) [Lord of Spirits] Milla
(Lord of Spirits) Milla (Icon) [Lord of Spirits] Milla
Type Spell LV 1 (70)
ATK 426 (1222) HP 284 (955)
RCV 496 (1361) LC 12
Arte 5 wind-type hits against one foe (50% x5)
LS Boost ATK of heroes on TriangleStar to 1.2x
(25 LC)
Boost SquareStar ATK to 1.2x for 2 turns
Vitality 2 Heal Plus 4
Crisis Attacker



Milla I apologize for calling you out here like this.
Sara Are you kidding me? You just need to say the word and we'll come running! Anywhere, anytime!
Lippy So what is the matter you wished to discuss with us, Lord Maxwell?
Milla I'm sure you can guess at the topic. It's about a seed of ruin.
I found a seed the other day, but it had already sprouted into a ruinator. I propose that we purify it together.
Sara You got it! So where's the ruinator now? Have you been able to track it?
Milla I have. It'll be a bit of a trek, but I will lead you to it.
This one seems unusually formidable, even for a ruinator. Be on guard.
Sara Of course!


Milla I knew that I could count on you. I hope you can maintain the same vigor when we face the ruinator.
Sara Wow, Milla... You were absolutely incredible. I think I'm getting a girl crush!
Milla A "girl crush"...?
Sara You're strong, you're beautiful, you're effortlessly cool... I want to be just like you one day!
Milla You wish to be like me?
While there is merit in admiration, You have your own unique virtues to develop.
Sara I have... unique virtues?
Lippy That is a most challenging piece of guidance, Lord Maxwell.
Recognizing one's own virtues is no easy matter.
Sara (user)... What do you think my virtues are?
Ugh, no, never mind! Forget that I asked!
Sorry, but I don't know that I could bear hearing a straight answer to that!
Lippy Lady Sara! Where are you going? Wait!
Milla Heh. I guess she's not quite ready for the answer to that question yet.


Sara So where's this cave where the ruinator's lurking?
Milla It's still quite some ways ahead...
Hmm. Quietly now.
 ??? Huh? Where the heck am I?
Milla Who are you?
 ??? Oh, thank heavens! I finally found someone! Could you tell me where we are, please?
Milla We're near the center of the Orlen Woods, in the southeast part of the continent.
 ??? Oh wow, I've never even heard of that. I thought I'd take a shortcut to the main road... Clearly my first mistake.
Sara My name is Sara. What's yours?
Shinana I'm Shinana. Where are you guys headed?
Milla I'm sorry, but we're under no obligation to reveal that information to strangers.
Shinana Oh, um... I just meant that with such strong monsters around here, if you guys were headed to the main road too...
Sara I'm sorry, but our business won't be taking us that way.
Shinana Well, when your business is finished, any chance you could accompany me back to the road?
Even if I managed not to get lost again, I'm not sure I could survive the trip. If there's anything you could do...
Sara Milla...?
Milla I understand how you feel, Sara. Another companion of mine is also unable to ignore a person in need.
Sara So you don't mind?
Milla No. But you do understand that our top priority is completing the task that brought us here?
Sara Yes, of course!
Shinana, we're headed somewhere even more dangerous. You're welcome to accompany us until we're done, but...
Shinana Oh, of course! That's great, thanks! I'd feel a lot safer in a group than I would alone.
If you'll have me, I'll fight beside you to the extent that I can. I won't slow you down, I swear.
Sara All right!
It's settled then. Come with us!


Sara Well, it looks like we made it through the forest. How are you holding up, Shinana? Are you wounded?
Shinana Nope, still in one piece and managing to keep up!
I appreciate you letting me tag along. Here, let me show you something.
Sara Show us what?
Shinana It's just a normal hat, right? No secret folds or mechanisms. But when I tap it with this wand...
1... 2... 3!
Sara Whoa, flowers came out!
Milla A magic trick?
Shinana Let's try again! 1... 2... 3!
Sara And now cards are spilling out! Wow, Shinana, that's incredible!
Shinana If there's a trick you'd like to see, I do take requests. If I can perform it, I will.
Milla Is that right? Can you pour water from your hat?
Lippy Or generate a large quantity of handkerchiefs?
Sara Or coins! Where you make them appear and disappear?
Shinana Oh, I think I can pull those off. Do you have a request, (user)?
You like card guessing games? Why those are my specialty! Here, take a look at this...


Sara Thanks for putting on a show for us, Shinana. That was a lot of fun!
Shinana If you'd ever like an encore, just say the word!
Lippy May I ask where you hail from, Mr. Shinana?
Shinana I'm just traveling from west to east, visiting towns and villages to put on my magic shows.
Sara Where were you born?
Shinana Here's the question...
Honestly, I have no idea. I have no recollections of my past.
Sara What?!
Shinana When I came to, I was in the outskirts of some border town, fiddling with a deck of cards.
Sara I'm so sorry. I had no idea...
Shinana Oh, no, you don't need to apologize. There's so much I don't understand, but I'm still enjoying my life!
Milla That's admirable.
Shinana Oh, hardly. It just seemed more fun to focus on the present than to dwell on the things I've forgotten.
Lippy Everyone, there are monsters ahead! Prepare for battle!


Shinana Really? (user) has amnesia too?
Sara Yeah. Trying to jog his memories is one of the reasons we're traveling together!
Shinana Huh. You're really lucky to have met Sara, (user).
It makes me a little jealous!
Lippy Hopefully you will both recover your memories soon.
Shinana I wonder... Do you ever think that maybe it's better not to remember?
Milla That's a fairly profound idea. Do you have some reason to suspect that it's true?
Shinana No, no. Just an idle thought.
I wondered if maybe I lost my memories because there was something I didn't want to remember. Or rather...
I lost it because there was something that I needed to forget.
Sara Needed to forget... But why?
Shinana Oh, never mind that! I'm just throwing things out there. You know, just kidding around!
I mean, don't you think saying things like that makes me seem more mysterious?
The mysterious magician act plays really well in some of these towns!
Milla Hmmm. So that's all part of your act?
Sara ......
Do you ever think things like that, (user)? That maybe you'd be better off not remembering?
Yeah, I didn't think so. You're right! Memories are important.
And if they're important to you, then they're important to me! I'm gonna help you get them back!
Milla Sara, (user), prepare yourself. We're nearly at our destination. We can't afford more distractions.
Sara Roger that!


Milla There it is, Sara. That's the ruinator I told you about.
Sara So that's the one...
Shinana Whoa, what the heck is that? I don't like the looks of it. At all.
Lippy Lady Sara, I fear this ruinator could be more than our friend here can handle.
Shinana Oh... That "business" you guys mentioned... This is it, isn't it?
Sara Yep. We're gonna slay that ruinator.
Milla Shinana, find a place to hide until this is over.
Sara You leave the bad guy to us, all right?
Shinana You don't need to tell me twice! I will hide as if my life depended on it. Which, of course... it does.
Milla Is everyone ready? Then let's finish this.


Milla Don't let up! We've almost got it cornered!
Sara Come on, (user)! We gotta keep up the pressure!
Ruinator Gwooooooa...
Sara If we just keep atta—huh?!
Ruinator Gwooooooa...
Sara Oh!
Milla Sara, (user)!
Lippy Look! Over there!
Sara Shinana?! You gotta get out of here!
Shinana N-No! I don't want to die! Get away from me!
......! Aaaaaahhhhh!!!
Ruinator Gyaaaaaaaaa...
Sara Shinana...?
Shinana Heh heh heh...
The hell do you think you're doing?!
You think you can kill me? Get in the grave where you belong!
Sara He brought it down in one hit...
Milla What is the meaning of this?


Sara Shinana...?
Shinana Who the hell are you? And what are you doing here with HIM?
Milla What are you talking about?
Shinana Well, it hardly matters now.
Now that I'm awake, I'm gonna need to burn off some energy if I ever hope to get back to sleep!
Sara Shinana?! Why are you doing this? Stop, please!
Shinana Ha ha ha ha ha! Why? Do I need a reason? Because you're here, that's why!
Sara Shinana!
Milla Ready your blade, Sara. There's no reasoning with him.
Shinana There we go! Let's have some fun! Try not to die too quickly, now!


Shinana Huh. You're not half bad. I'm gonna remember you.
A pity there aren't any spectators about. I'd rather kill you in front of a crowd.
Farewell. For now.
Sara Shinana, wait!
Milla He got away...
Lippy What could have possibly overcome Master Shinana like that? It was as though he completely transformed.
Sara That had to have been the seed's influence, right Lippy?
Lippy All traces of the seed have been purified away. I suspect we're dealing with something quite different here.
Sara Then...
Milla Perhaps he had some sort of split personality?
But no amount of speculation is going to get us to an answer. We can ask him when next we meet.
But with the animosity he showed in attacking us there, I expect it will be a very different sort of conversation.
At this point, I'd be happy if we could resolve this without it turning into some sort of earth-rending disaster.
Sara Shinana...
Milla Regardless, we've purified the seed. I thank you for your assistance, and look forward to working with you again.
Should you ever require my help, you need only ask. I stand ready to fight at your side.
[Lord of Spirits] Milla has joined your party!


Shinana Hmph. That ruinator was just the type that new kid in black has been dumping all over the place.
I don't know why the boss has given that twit such a long leash.
That "plea of the earth" or whatever seemed interesting, so I played along. But it's gotten real old, real fast.
Should I just kill him?
Hmmm... Well, I'll let it be for now. After all, the carnival's almost here.
Guess I'll just go back to sleep for a little while longer.
Huh...? Aw, geez... Not again!
Who do I keep blacking out and waking up in places like this?
What the heck is happening to me?!
Two Faces of Nidhogg —fin—