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The brides have disappeared! The Savior and Lippy infiltrate an odd castle to find the girls while they work out a way to get out themselves. Full of odd traps and even odder hosts, the girls work their way through the castle. The bridal fair must go on!


# Stage Stamina Battles
The Disappearing Bride
1 Where Are We? 3 3
2 Searching the Area 3 3
The Runaway Bride
3 Tuna-Like Koala 3 5
4 Don't Say it! 5 5
The True Bride
5 The Intruder 5 5
6 Truest Love 7 5


Hero Stone Hero Stones x3 (one after each part)

Bridal Memories Bridal Memories
Bridal Memories Bridal Memories
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Armor ATK 538 (538)
Rarity SR HP 0 (0)
Max Lv. (LB) 50 (0) RCV 328 (328)
Passive Symbol of an Oath
Boost ATK by 5% when finisher of a 4+ link




Lippy So you say the ring emitted a bright white light at the moment that Sara vanished, and that the same thing happened to each of the Kanonnos?
Kanonnos' Wedding Planner Exactly. Right after they put on their rings, they were enveloped in a white light and disappeared.
Lippy Well, based on the magical residue and the eyewitness accounts, we're clearly dealing with a teleportation arte here.
I would conjecture that something triggered the latent magical energy contained within those rings.
Host This can't be happening... The bridal fair is beginning today, yet the brides and dresses are gone!
Lippy While I am sympathetic to your plight as well...
...Exactly, (user)! Our primary concern is for the safety of our missing brides!
Great Savior! Let us see if anyone in town can provide some insight about what's happened here!
Sara Urrrggghh... What the...? Where am I...?
Earhart Sara?!
Sara You guys are here too?!
Pasca Yep. We put on our wedding rings and were engulfed in a bright white light. When we came to, well... here we are!
Grassvalley Yeah, wherever this is. What is going on here?
Earhart Well, let's take a good look around. I don't know what else we can do at this point.
Grassvalley Right. Let's give it a thorough search.
Sara Sounds like a plan to me!


Pasca Yet another door that's sealed up tight!
Earhart And we're still not any closer to figuring out where we are...
Grassvalley Well, from the way this chamber was built, I assume it's inside a castle. But it seems like a really ancient one. I wonder if anyone even lives here?
Sara Yeah, there's a definite ancient castle vibe here. But I doubt it's abandoned. Look how clean everything is!
Earhart She's right! I don't see a spec of dust anywhere!
Pasca Then someone must be living here.
[Knock knock]
Sara Did you guys hear that?
???? Ah, there you are. I was a bit worried when I didn't find you in the room with the portal.
Grassvalley I hear a voice, but... from where?!
???? Forgive me.
[A heavy door opens.]
???? Welcome. My master has instructed me to extend you every hospitality.
Sara Wh-What the heck?!
???? What?! There... There are four of you?! We were expecting a single bride! How could this have happened?!
Grassvalley You're asking us? You're the one who's got some explaining to do! You can start with... that.
???? That? Whatever do you mean?
Earhart Umm... I think she's trying to ask... What ARE you, exactly...?
???? Ah, forgive me! Where are my manners?
Stewart My name is Stewart, and I am privileged to serve the lord of this castle.
Sara Yeah, Stewart... She wasn't asking about your name...
Stewart Oh...? Ah, yes, of course! Again, I must beg your understanding.
Your arrival here was quite unexpected, and I have been in something of a tizzy making the necessary preparations.
So I apologize for my appearance. In my haste, I've not had a chance to make myself presentable. I will change into formal attire shortly.
Sara Yeah, it isn't really your clothing that's the issue here.
Pasca I'll be more specific. So, uh... You're a skeleton. What's up with that?
Stewart Ah, yes. I must admit that I am indeed looking somewhat skeletal these days.
You must understand that my master and I have been waiting a very long time for your arrival. I have lost some weight over the years.
Earhart You've been waiting... for us?
???? But of course, my beautiful brides! I have waited and longed for this day!
Sara Aw, geez...
Stewart Master! Were you unable to resist coming down to meet the brides yourself?
Grassvalley This is... your master...
Master Welcome to my castle. Or as I prefer to call it... My love nest!
Pasca Ew.
Sara Somebody tell me what the heck is going on here!


It was a promise made long ago.
There was a man who played a key role in the history of this town.
His name was Flint Blastard.
He was a deeply talented metalworker.
And he developed a way to integrate alchemy into his creations.
His masterworks shined with a luster that could never be achieved with conventional means.
The wealthy and powerful leapt at any chance to buy the rings and necklaces he crafted.
Propelled from rags to riches, he bought a castle outside of town and indulged his every desire.
But there was one problem. A single obstacle that stood ever in his way...
Stewart He was not an attractive man.
Flint Did you really have to tell them that part, Stewart?!
Sara Really...? That was it?
Stewart His face was quite distinctive.
He was often described as a cross between a koala bear and a tuna.
Earhart I... cannot even begin to imagine...
Flint Argh! Must everyone say that? Is it really that terribly bad?
Grassvalley I don't know how you used to look, but... it hardly matters now, right?
Pasca I guess I could see how your face would have been... unique. You know, if you still had one.
Flint turned to the city's mayor for counsel.
Mayor I understand, Flint. And I'm confident that if we work together, we can find you a bride.
First, you have to get the girls in town excited about marriage. Maybe use some of your wealth to build the town a huge, beautiful church? That'd do it!
Next, you need a good ring to attract a bride. You're a great craftsman, and you should go all out──make this ring your magnum opus!
Hmm, but a single ring won't really pull in the crowds...
Hm? Oh, nothing, just thinking out loud. Anyway, how about you make a whole set? Four rings!
You build that church, and bring me those rings, and I'll find you a bride here in town.
We'll get her dressed in a beautiful gown, one of your rings on her finger. And then... she'll be yours!
Stewart Flint took the mayor's words to heart, did his part, and set about waiting for his bride.
Once, he spent the whole day fantasizing about what sort of breakfast his future bride would make for him.
On another day, he made a list of nearly 2,000 women he thought might serve as a suitable bride.
He was like that all the time. What do you think about that?
Pretty pathetic, right?
Flint Spare us your editorializing, Stewart!
I know it was pathetic! But I was excited! In love with the idea of being in love, if you will.
Excited with the thought of a warm and cheery blushing bride...
...I could call my own!
Sara I...I see...
The mayor never had any intention of honoring his promise to Flint.
He used the church Flint built and the rings he crafted to bring in visitors and expand the town.
Flint sent letter after letter asking after his bride, to which the mayor always replied, "I'm still searching, just wait a little longer."
Convinced that the delay was a sign of the thoroughness of the mayor's search, Flint waited patiently.
And waited...
And waited...
The unflagging excitement he felt about his bride allowed him to transcend the normal life cycle of a human...
...and keep waiting until this day. 500 years later.
Lippy It sounds as though the long-simmering passion that Flint infused into his rings is responsible for this.
Should a woman in a bridal gown put on the ring, it would transport her to him so that they could get married.
We're lucky to have found an unofficial town historian who could shed so much light on the history of those rings.
From this, we can easily deduce that the ladies have been transported to Flint's old castle outside of town!
We must rescue them, Great Savior! Let us hurry!
Flint Let's not wait any longer. Let's marry immediately, my brides.
Sara What?!
Flint Oh, I know what you're thinking. But don't worry! This castle's chapel is more than adequate for the ceremony.
And I wouldn't subject you to anything so crass as a mass wedding! I'll marry each of you in turn, with a proper ceremony!
Sara I see... So that's where this is going.
Flint That was the promise that was made to me, so long ago. There's no getting out of it now!
Pasca Okay guys... I think we've learned what we need to know.
Earhart Yeah! We know that this castle has to be near the town!
Grassvalley Near enough that we can still make it back in time for the bridal fair this evening!
Sara And more importantly than that...
Everyone I don't want to marry that skeleton!
Sara So escape it is!
Everyone Yes!
Flint Hmm? Wait! What are you doing?! There's no escape from here!
I've had 500 years to fill this castle with traps! You'll never make it to the exit!
Abandon this foolishness and marry me, if you value your lives!
[High-heeled footsteps fade into the distance.]
Flint Damn it all! Stewart, pursue my brides and escort them to the chapel! I'll make the wedding preparations.
Stewart ...
Flint Has a cat got your tongue, Stewart? Speak!
Stewart Very well... As you wish, Master Flint.


──A wooded trail near the castle──
Lippy There it is, Great Savior! The castle at the top of the hill! That's surely where they're being held.
I shudder to imagine what horrors they've been subjected to in there...
We must rescue them as quickly as possible!
──Meanwhile, inside the castle──
Sara Kee-yaaaaaah!
[Sara swings her blade in a wide arc.]
Earhart Well done, Sara!
Grassvalley These so-called "traps" of Flint's are a little ridiculous. First a giant bird cage, and now a giant bug net?
Pasca I'm just glad they aren't anything dangerous. If we got hurt, or these dresses got stained, it would be terrible news for the bridal fair!
Earhart That's a good point. Your dress has a pretty long trail, Sara. Is it slowing you down any?
Sara I'm managing so far! How about you, Pasca?
Pasca Yeah, I'm getting by. I can't help but envy you, Earhart. You could run laps in that mini-dress if you wanted to!
In fact, I picked that one because I thought it would look summery and kinda sporty. How right I was!
Sara Well, it was a great choice! And not just because of the mobility. It fits your style perfectly.
Earhart Thanks. I'm really liking Grassvalley's. The autumn colors give it a real air of calm and refinement!
Grassvalley Do you think so? I was worried that I wouldn't be able to pull this look off.
Sara You're killing it, girl! It took my breath away the second I saw you!
Grassvalley Thanks, Sara! I like how Pasca's is evocative of a field of spring wildflowers.
Sara The long trail makes it look like she's floating down the hall. A perfect fit for Pasca's vibe!
Pasca Why did you decide to go with the classic white, Sara?
Sara Believe me, I tried all the others, but... I dunno. The traditional style just felt right to me, I guess?
Pasca Yeah, probably because it was the one that got the biggest reaction from (user)!
Grassvalley You're so transparent, Sara!
Sara You're still teasing me about that? Is this really the time?
Earhart We're just jealous, Sara. I wish I'd had a guy to drool over me as I picked my dress.
Grassvalley Yeah, having to go stag did take a little of the fun out of it.
Pasca I know! I wish it hadn't worked out that way...
Sara Aww, guys. I'm sorry!
Earhart Oh, Sara! C'mere!
Sara Oh! You guys!
[The girls continue chattering about their dresses.]
Stewart How nice that you can still find time for girl talk in the middle of your escape.
Sara Huh? St-Stewart! Oh──that's right! We were escaping!
Stewart I can see that you share my master's enthusiasm for weddings.
Will you not allow me to fulfill my duty to my master, and escort you to the chapel? He's really quite adamant about this.
Pasca Sorry, pal, but no way! Let's get out of here, girls!
Grassvalley Right!
Stewart So young and energetic. Alas, that won't be enough.
Sara Huh?! Stewart's gone!
Earhart Behind you!
Stewart It's known as the "shiden" technique. It's one of the foundations of my martial arts training.
Now, this technique...
Sara Oof...!
Stewart ...Is a method of attacking pressure points in a way that causes the victim to lose consciousness.
It's an arte I learned when I was a member of a secret brotherhood of assassins, long before I served my current master.
Grassvalley This... can't be happening...
Stewart Can't it? I don't recall presenting myself as being an inept fighter. You mustn't judge your opponents on their external appearances.
Well, to be fair, I am a skeleton, and I understand how that might inspire certain assumptions.
Nevertheless, ladies, you have much to learn.
I'm pleased that I'm still able to hit those pressure points. It has been a while since I've had cause to use my combat artes.
The only pressure points I've had to hit in the last few centuries are when I'm giving my master back rubs...
Sara What would a... back rub... even do... for a skeleton...?
Stewart And now to take the master's sleeping brides to the chapel.
Is this really what he wants...?


When I woke up...
Sara Urgghhh...
I was seated at the church altar, my arms bound behind the chair.
Looking around, I saw the Kanonnos similarly bound amidst the pews.
Flint You've awakened at last, my bride! You shall be the first.
Sara N-No!
Flint Don't be that way, my dear. This is exactly what you agreed to when you wore that dress and my ring!
Sara I didn't agree to this! I didn't know anything about the ring!
Flint I see... I'm sorry to hear that. Nevertheless, we will be wed.
If I were to let you go, who knows how long it would be before another bride comes along?
Grassvalley This isn't fair!
Stewart You are correct. It is not fair. But I hope that one day, you will come to understand my master's predicament.
In his zeal to wed, Lord Flint made a lot of mistakes that cannot be unmade. He's backed into something of a corner.
Earhart That's no reason to drag us into this!
Pasca Mr. Blastard, is this really what you want? A loveless marriage with unwilling brides? There's nothing warm or cheery about this!
Flint Once we're married, I will find a way to win your hearts, no matter how long it takes!
Earhart That is not going to happen!
Flint Now, let us begin! I, Lord Flint Blastard, take this woman to be my lawfully wedded wife!
Sara I'm not vowing anything to you, creep! The Gods will never condone this!
Flint The Gods know how long I've waited for this! After several hundred years of suffering, they'll forgive me for forcing the issue!
Now that we've made our intentions clear, it is time to seal our love with a kiss!
Grassvalley Sara!
It came at me then...
Slowly, steadily...
Straight at my lips...
A fleshless, puckering skull.
The situation was beyond insane, and I was in a complete panic.
A scream burst forth from my lips...
??? Hold it right there!
The bang of the door swinging open echoed throughout the room.
Lippy Even if the Gods were to forgive this farce, the Great Savior and I most certainly will not!
It was Lippy, and... Clad in an ivory-white tuxedo...
Sara (user)! Lippy!
Lippy At your service, Lady Sara!
Flint Who the heck...?!
Lippy Now! I will tend to the Kanonnos! Great Savior, rescue Lady Sara!
Grassvalley Thank you, Lippy!
(user) leapt up to the altar and cut me free.
"Sorry I'm late," he said.
Hearing the relief in his voice...
Made me feel so very, very happy. And so very, very safe.
Sara Thanks, (user)! You're just in time!
Flint I don't know who you are, but I'm quite sure that you were not invited! You will pay for ruining my wedding!
Lippy That should be the Great Savior's line! My Shattering Paw arcane arte will send you flying out this chapel window for ruining their beautiful moment!
Pasca Whoa, I've never seen this side of Lippy before! He's a total badass!
Earhart (user), be careful! That skeleton's not the one you need to worry about! The other one is like some sorta ninja master!
The one over... huh?
Stewart Now I understand... So this is what they mean by "true love"...
Grassvalley Um...? What's the deal, Stewart? Aren't you going to fight? You're just gonna gaze into space and rub your chin?
Earhart Uh, well, anyway, here's your chance! Take out that other one and let's get the heck out of here!
Everyone Yeah!
Flint NOOOOO! No one's going anywhere!!!


Flint Yeeeaaargghhh!!!
Lippy Now's our chance! Everyone, let's get out of here!
Flint Urrrrggghhh... Nooooo! You can't leave! If I can't marry, then I don't even care what happens!
Lippy What did he just take out of his pocket? Some sort of magical artifact...?!
Flint It's my greatest trap──the detonator to a magical energy bomb! I will bury everyone here alive!
Pasca WHAT?! What happened to all the cute little bug-net type traps?!
Flint In my centuries of idle time, I've made a wide variety of traps!
There's no stopping me now! If I don't get to live in marital bliss, then no one can!
Lippy Dear me! He seems truly desperate!
Sara This doesn't look good...
Stewart Master Flint, please. Put down that detonator.
Flint What?!
Stewart Hwah!
Flint St-Stewart! What did you just...
Stewart Master Flint... I've taken the liberty of disassembling all of the detonators.
Sara Huh...?
Stewart It's another arte I learned long ago. I am pleased that my body still seems to remember it.
Flint What are you doing?! You're supposed to serve me, Stewart!
Stewart Yes, my lord. I'm doing just that.
When I stumbled upon the dark path I had chosen to walk, you found me, adrift and in shambles, and offered a helping hand. I vowed to serve you forevermore.
As your servant, I suppose it is my duty to heed you without objection. Nevertheless, I must speak my mind.
Master Flint, you are in the wrong here. If you would marry these girls under duress, you'd only bring them misery.
Grassvalley Stewart...
Stewart Marriage is supposed to bring joy to both parties.
A marriage that pleases only one party is no marriage at all. Forgive me for not impressing this upon you sooner.
Flint You think I don't know that, Stewart? Of course I know that!
But I waited so long for my happiness that all the flesh has melted off my bones! And no one has come for me!
I just... wanted to be loved...
Sara Flint...
Stewart But Master Flint── you have been loved all along!
I will bring you the joy you seek.
Won't you do the same for me?
Everyone Uh... What?
Flint Stewart?
Stewart That moment, when the door swung open and Sara's friends came charging in, I witnessed the power love has to make miracles happen.
Sara Wait, what now?!
Stewart We may be lord and servant, with different backgrounds and different stations. but if we have love for each other, we can overcome that!
So if you could find it in yourself to love me, despite our differences, and despite our gap in ages... You would make me a happy woman indeed.
Earhart Whoa whoa whoa WHOA! WHAT?! Stewart, you... You're...
Grassvalley You're a woman?!
Stewart What? Of course I... Ah, forgive me. It has been such a busy day that I've not had a chance to do my make-up.
I can understand how with a face like this, you might have confused me for a man...
Sara Oh,n-no! You look great, really. It's just, your name... sounds kinda... masculine, so...
Flint Stewart is her family name. Her given name is...
Meina. Meina Linrest Stewart.
Lippy Oh. That has the quite the ring to it!
Flint Now, Meina...
Meina・Linrest・Stewart Master Flint... That's the first time you've ever called me that.
Flint Meina, you... after all this time, you've taught me what love truly is. Looking back, it was so obvious... You've always been there for me!
You've always stood by this freakish koala-and-tuna-faced man.
Meina・Linrest・Stewart That's never bothered me. I learned in my assassin training never to judge a man by appearances.
Lippy Perhaps that would be a more touching sentiment if you left off the "assassin" part...
Flint I've been such a fool. Happiness has been within my reach all along!
Meina・Linrest・Stewart Oh, Master Flint...!
Sara Ummmm... C-Congratulations...?
And so, there at the chapel, Flint and Meina pledged their undying (undead?) devotion to each other.
And became man and wife forevermore.
Now, back to our story...
Meina・Linrest・Stewart Forgive us for all the trouble we've caused you.
Flint We'll take care of each other now, and live quietly in happy matrimony.
Sara Well, uh... all's well that ends well, right? We're happy for you!
Flint Please, accept this by way of my apology for what I put you through.
Sara This is...
Flint My spare wedding ring. I made a fifth one in case there was something wrong with one of the others.
It's one of my finest creations. I'm sure it will serve you well.
Meina・Linrest・Stewart The power that once tainted it has been cleansed away, so you can wear it without worry.
Sara Thank you! We'll cherish this.
Flint I wish there was more I could do to make amends for this...
Grassvalley No, that's okay! I think we'll still be able to make it back to town in time for the bridal fair, so no harm done!
But more importantly, we got to witness a moment of pure romance, and it was all thanks to you.
Sara A moment of pure romance...?
Oh, of course! The marriage between Flint and Meina!
Grassvalley Huh? Oh, sure, that was cute. But I'm talking straight-out-of- a-novel romantic here.
Earhart Oh my gosh, I know, right? The gorgeous maiden, tied and bound, and just as her captor goes in to kiss her...
Pasca The door slams open to reveal a man in a white tuxedo, and (user) saves the day! I almost swooned.
Sara Wh-What...?!
Earhart It was like a fairy tale come to life. My heart was racing! Oh, Sara... I'm so happy for you!
Sara Wh-Whoa, hey! Hey! Come on guys! Not this again!
Earhart Oooh! Sara's angry!
[The girls begin chattering loudly amongst themselves.]
Lippy Dear me! Haven't we had enough drama for one day?
Finally, the group bade their farewells, and rushed back to town.
They arrived at the bridal fair just in time for it to begin as scheduled.
Host My friends, I'm proud to present to you our historic church, and some of the stunning dresses our town has to offer!
(user) and I waited our turn back stage.
Sara Not our smoothest mission, but at least we made it back for the fair!
Pasca should be finishing up out there soon...
I peak out at the crowd through a gap in the curtain.
Our friends are flashing subtle waves to someone in the audience.
Hee hee... I bet I know who's here!
Sara Looks like we're up! This is so nerve-wracking!
But I'll do my best.
Oh, but... before we go out there, there's something I wanted to say to you, (user).
Listen, I...
Thank you for rescuing me. You were really awesome back there, (user)!
I said it in what I meant to be a natural tone, but I felt the flush on my cheeks.
I wonder if (user) noticed?
"Thanks," he says.
The smile he flashes me is wide and bright, but a little bashful.
I smile back.
I think back to what Grassvalley called "a moment of pure romance."
It would be yet another treasured memory from this unforgettable adventure.
The time we all got to wear beautiful dresses for a mission.
The time our captors fell in love.
And of course...
The time you rushed in to save me.
The gentle smile on your face.
The time we walked down the aisle together...
...and the way it made me feel.
I want to continue walking like this forever...
With you always at my side.

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