The Wiki would be nothing without its valuable staff. All have poured countless hours creating and maintaining the site. If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to an administrator or one of the staff members by clicking on their names to go to their profiles, use the Wikia forum, or visit the official Discord channel. We would love to hear from you!


Ayleria (Guardian) "This is Ayleria, the current owner and maintainer of the Tales of Link Wikia. I handle the day-to-day maintenance, templates, scripts, pages, images, and just about anything else this place needs. If you need anything, feel free to contact me! As a stay-at-home mother of two children, I'm pretty much always around and will get back to you ASAP! Thank you for visiting!"

"Hi, I'm Kir! I mostly help out with lists, unit pages, lists, a bit of Soul Arena and summons stuff, lists, redirects, and did I mention lists? Organizing information is a passion of mine, so I'm always happy to help out if you're looking for something in particular! Feel free to drop me a line!" Primordialancient (Guardian)

Radiantancient (Guardian) "Hey! Welcome to our wiki. I'm Linn and I hope you enjoy your stay! Jack of all projects, master of none, I do my best to help out with whatever is going on. Most of the time that involves collecting information from the community and doing updates here and there. Feel free to hit my Message Wall if there's anything you need."

Wiki Staff

"Hi all! I'm Redheadkitten, the side-project doer for things both Kratos and not-Kratos related. I mostly reanimate the happy little sprites for the character pages, and maintain the mystic arte exhibition page. When I'm not recording mystic arte videos or photoshopping stuff, I enjoy long Ares runs with Kratos and admiring all the cute Tales girls." Redheadkitten (Guardian)

Thriefty (Guardian) "I'm Thriefty! Sporadic worker and ToP fan here. I've also recently fallen for ToL's plot and it ended up spawning drabbles. Whoops? I do mostly grunt work, like data collection for the drop tables, but I think I left a few guides around the wiki. Hope you enjoy our wonderful wikia~"

"Ors Ors! Your friendly resident Mary and Oresoren lover, Nehara, here~ Ranking in the SA and want your name to be immortalized? I have your back! I mostly record the SA rankings, random ninja edits, and miscellaneous side quests (projects). Oh, and hugs... lots of hugs. Please enjoy your stay~" Nehara (Guardian)

ElusiveLarry (Guardian) "Are you a little lost? I'm Larry and I'm working on the guides and enemy moves around here. I'll be happy to point you in the first direction (not the first monster)! Let me know if you need help with anything. Also, I enjoy shooting lasers at clouds and I live on Sun Energy."

"/r/TalesOfLink admin, Namwin, here. I sometimes help Ayleria and the wiki team with wiki work and the look and feel of the site. Like Ludger, I've got plenty of tools at my disposal, but most importantly this nifty banhamm-okay, but really, we're glad to help the community thrive and hope you're finding the wiki to be a great resource!" Namwin (Guardian)